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INFJ: Strict adherence to what's "just" or "right."

INFP: Most hesitant to open up.

INTJ: Most deadpan.

INTP: Loves to talk about random studies they saw.

(Not very familiar with ISFJ, ISFP, or ISTJ.)

ISTP: Talks about things they made or did with their hands.

(Not very familiar with ENFJ or ENFP.)

ENTJ: Their mind is made up and you can't challenge their view.

ENTP: Always wants more information out of you.

ESFJ: Always in a cheerful mood.

ESFP: Jokes around the most.

ESTJ: Tells you what they think immediately. Don't need to press them.

ESTP: Has secrets that may shock others and reveals them at opportune moments.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts