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Im wondering this primarily because of the concept of balanced wings. The enneagram in general is quite a forgiving system, so wouldnt it be possible to have balanced secondary instincts?

For instance, i am a sx nine. There have been times when ive delved into both sp and so type activities really nonchantly, recklessly; yet there also times when ive been incredibly blocked and self conscious with both types of efforts. In a way, it seems like im sx dom, sp & so secondary.

In theory it should be possible, right? For someone raised in a very well-rounded manner to be balanced beyond his/her primary compulsion? After all, enneagram is somewhat an anecdotal science, so why do arbitrary hard and fast rules like dom-secondary-blindspot instincts arise?

Maybe im underestimating the basis for the theory because im too lazy to figure out my stacking precisely... :p. At any rate, id be curious to hear what you guys think about this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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