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Try to read at least a piece please!

I'm pretty sure I'm a quite balanced INTP (especially on introversion and thinking) and I'm trying to type myself on the Ennegram (tests are useless because I manipulate them) and I think I'm a 5w6 2w1 8w7 (in order) in the tritype theory (only things I'm sure about are that I am not a 3, neither on wings, and not a 7), how can I make myself sure about the typing?
I'm probably an SX, btw

Here are some traits about myself:

I'm good at understanding people and emotions (logically and using Si, not pure empathy) and I love so much to help people I care about and value (somehow, it's like the INTP's problem solving thrill, somehow it makes me feel useful and appreciated and somehow it distract myself from my own problems)

I often lose control of my thoughts (especially when I'm alone and tired)

When I'm in a relationship or in love I tend to think about what will happen or what already happened

I cannot remember smells, tastes or touches (if it's said like that), totally

I'm happiness-dependent to people and I love so much to be in a physical connection with those few female friends I love the most, with who I'd spend so much time, even just the both of us, and the social battery is like 10 times longer. I'm also obsessed with people and can be very jealous and possessive (even with friends) and those people often find me annoying because of my need to always be with them, especially the ones i felt in love with (I also live in a small town in which I don't have people I really care about and it's difficult to me to hang out with those, which are mainly female)

I always ask "why" and hate when people can't/won't answer

I'm morbidly curious

I found out that when people understand that I'm a good, loyal and intelligent person and not only the ironical, unserious, annoying jester but somehow actually intelligent (at least in school related ways) I show myself I often begin to be charismatic (I mean, I made my ISTJ classmate procrastinating just being with him during school) and they trust me even on really important things. When they sense those quality before knowing me well they're fascinated and all.

I don't like when people I love suffer, even if often it makes them seem more beautiful, but I don't mind if it's an unrelated to me individual and I like it if it's a person I hate. I'm sensible to short tragic stories which implies friends, lovers and brothers (but only if its a "mundane" story so that I can identify).

I had and have struggles crying because I can't (now I quite can, some times ago not even distantly) even if I need to

I usually know what I WANT, but if it's impossible sometimes I don't know what I "want"

I have struggles explaining myself, I even think differently than the people I know

I think really logically and with Ne, I'm really good at arguing with logical people and I often make mistakes translating greek and latin because I make those "oh my fucking god it makes somehow sense but what and why" reasonings on some sentences

I love beauty, especially in (female) people and I even somehow differenciate that in different categories

I'm so much of a procrastinator, I procrastinate even on things I want to do, exept those things directly including those few people I love

I often don't like parties, the perfect "party" to me would be with 10-20 MAXIMUM people I like and with the majoriy of with I'm in intimacy, the perfect night with friends is the "3am in the summer chatting with the best friends while playing cards in an outdoor table"

I can't bear stupid, illogic (like my parents) and slow people, I just can't

I value truth and I nearly never lie, even if sometimes I don't lie while not telling the truth (like a fantasy fairy or demon, yeah). I'm good at discovering lies using incongruences and body languange

I'm fascinated by those strange, demonish, fascinating and distant things

I don't believe in the christian onnipotent, omniscient and infinitely good God because I don't find it logically possible and I "don't care" about the others (apatheism)

I'm usually not able to talk about serious feelings, exept if there's a lot of intimacy. I have trouble even on not serious ones and I always make them into fucking jokes and many times I like to make people reach the conclusions while giving hints and even using hints (or direct declarations) I gave time ago sometimes

Even though I'm an introverted I'm good at talking with strangers I like, I usually ironicly joke or "make fun of them" in a friendly and ironic way (like I normally do moreover) without many of the social inhibitions and praxis most people have

If this isn't enough I'm totally open for questions, glad you made this far!
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