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One of my best friends is an ESTJ, and she can just work all the time. She's currently going to school more than full time and working something like 30 hours. Apparently on her week off from school, she worked 80 hours in one week! I'm afraid that she's working herself too hard, but she put herself in this situation and seems to thrive in it.

My boyfriend's father is an ESFJ. He works around 10 hours a day at a very physically demanding job, then comes home from work and works on the house. He never stops working - even on his vacations he spends doing active things like hiking for a week. My boyfriend said he's concerned for his dad, but his dad seems to enjoy all the work.

I can't understand wanting to work all the time. I really appreciate my time off, and even after something like 30 hours a week of work, I can feel like it's too much. I was wondering if any of you can relate. (I was wondering if it was an SJ or ESxJ thing.) And if so, if you'd be willing to explain it to me.
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