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Kylie Minogue - cooky, always smiling, doing crazy faces in front of the camera in her early music videos. Just Google Kylie Minogue 1988 or 1989. Deffinitely an Exxx type.

Kim Wilde - never smiling on her photo shoots/music videos. "Don't mess with me" vibe Introverted?

Kim Cattrall - seems like a strong woman now but when she was younger (Google "Kim Cattrall 1979") she was way more demure, yet still sultry. Can't decide.

Farrah Fawcett - bubbly, sweet, always smiling, calm, airy voice, angelic/uplifting aura. Some of the mild Exxx types?

Jaclyn Smith - beautiful, but somewhat stand-offish Ixxx? Introverted Feeling?

Thanks in advance!
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