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Okay, i stupidly posted this in the regular cognitive functions forum..
So here it is, copy pasted from there:
First of all, greetings, am a new user here.

This is one of those times when i doubt what my type really is, though this one has caused me to think unusually hard for the past couple of days.
Non-exhaustive list on things i can relate with from the 3 types in question based on my understanding after extensive browsing (still not an expert) and discussions:


  • ...


  • ...


  • ...

I think that's that for now. Many of the points may sound like i'm comparing stereotypes (and i might put some points in the wrong type, i apologize if that's the case..), but that's just what i try to benchmark myself with. I hope someone can reply with a more comprehensive explanation based on the points i've given above using the cognitive functions in mind.
I originally tested as an infj, came out mostly the same after subsequent re-testing and have identified as one for quiet sometime now, but i've also tested as an infp quiet a lot recently (although the score margin between the last 2 letters are quiet small), and i also rarely tested as an enfj. I've also read that as a Ni, i should've "known" all along.
I've also read that we shouldn't box ourselves with these type dichotomies, but some sort of affirmation of at least what i mostly am would be highly comforting.
Also, i'm "most likely" a 6w5 after taking an enneagram test.

Thanks for reading, feedback would very certainly be appreciated!

(PS: might add more by editing or further posting in the future)

You don't come across at all as an INFJ.

You come across strongly as a P vs J.

Introverted but not extreme.


Visual artists are most often sensors, not intuitives, although that does not rule out your being an intuitive.

Your post is filled with stereotypes--those you shared as well as word choice.

I wondered, reading, why you went for the possibility of ISFJs who are very "should" oriented, hard-workers, responsible, can-do, will-do, usually black-n-white in thinking, yet didn't consider ISFPs who are often visually oriented, artistic and found in science-oriented work.

I'd type you, right now--with what you've shared, IxFP with a leaning toward ISFP.

Don't muddy the waters--just my experience, opinion, by taking Big 5, Enneagram, other personality tests and conflating the results, especially as you are unsure of your MBTI, and 'that' is the focus, which is part of why you come across strongly as a P:

Ps would go here, there, be 'curious' to a fault--in this context, i.e. if you want to nail down MBTI don't follow the advice of those who send you elsewhere.

If you read only two books, or 'start' and 'study' only two, I would suggest:

Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B. Myers


Was That Really Me? by Naomi L. Quenk

The first book is the MBTI Bible.

The second focuses on dealing with our inferior function, or to quote from the cover, "How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality," i.e. our inferior function, under stress takes over and we mistype, stress ourselves, whereas using the inferior function for certain tasks, is helpful, and for relaxing also fine.

Good luck on zeroing in until you are comfortable you have the 'closest' match as personality if far too complex to be contained in a theory--no matter how popular or persuasive.

As an FYI: For more responses in the future for this kind of thing, hone your posts so they don't read too long as many people are on iPads and phones--unlike myself: I am on a laptop. And the weekends although it may seem counter-intuitive is the worst time to post a Type Me thread because people are off doing what they love best, and save PerC (most posting here) for the work week.
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