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After a lot of research and thinking the past few days I've come down to EXTP. I can't figure out if I am a sensor or intuitive, ESTP sounds more like me but some things make me question it, making me confused as fuck and angry:frustrating: Can someone explain key differences between these two types or in other words, dominant SE vs dominant NE?

Reasons why I think ESTP:
I always have to shake my leg, type my desk, move around, I have a hard time staying still. Only times I really can is when I'm using my phone or watching TV.
I pick up smells and notice things in my enviroment
I have aggressive behavior when interacting with my environment, my parents always tell me to stop closing doors hard, stop slamming microwave doors, go easy when opening or closing blinds. I don't focus on how much strength I'm putting into a action
I'm a doer but can get distracted easily
I have a hard time with abstract concepts or equations
I get bored and distracted easily and have to do something
I love making myself look tough and cool, there are a few shirts or pants I'd never be caught wearing. I love to be seen in sunglasses, leather jackets, etc.
As a kid in school I always got distracted or restless staying still and moved around the room, walked on my knees, etc.
I like holding things in my hand, whether it be my phone or a object
I always need step by step instructions when doing something and hate when someone expects me to do something without clear instructions. As a kid I always remember I'd cry out of anger and frustration when I had no clue on how to do something
I can be very charismatic when I want to be
I talk and move aggressively
I hate those who make stupid theories
I am very uncreative. I always had my mom help me out in projects that involved color or thinking outside the box
When trying to remember the past I don't ever recall myself coming up with ideas or possibilities like ENTPs are said to do all the time
I HATE POETRY. I hate any literature in fact that doesn't get straight to the point and instead makes metaphors or use examples but won't say what it means. I have a INFJ teacher and hater her and her teaching style so much. Ugh
I love to do active stuff and be athletic
I always have to do something to keep my senses stimulated, ranging from working out, a lot of video games, or movies
I like doing multiple things involving my senses. An example is watching videos on my phone while eating, a great combo
I love having multiple skills in athletic things and get so competitive that I hate to compete as my fear of losing or looking stupid holds me back, one of the reasons I don' do sports anymore. That and I hate getting told what to do or when to go somewhere
I am very determined when it comes to a goal and will do what it takes to accomplish it
I hate planning for the future, it stresses me out
I don't care about what a situation "means", that part always confuses me in the NT description of entps and entjs
I can adapt to a group of people. When around smart geeky people, I talk like them. When around ghetto people, I talk like them

Reasons why I think ENTP:
I always get into debates with people online or in person about religion, comic book characters, who'd win a fight, etc. (my mom said I could be a lawyer but thats boring and no fun in my opinon lol)
I have a vivid imagination
Though I suck at hard math equations I'm awesome at simple stuff in math
I love theories that I find make sense and interest me, I find them amusing in how much they make sense and clean up loose ends. Theories in comics, movies, etc. are the ones I'll pay attention to and enjoy.
I can connect the dots of something, sometimes with time to analyze it and other times instantly, though for the latter its rare
I am very book smart but not street smart, though I think this is because I have a ESFJ dad and ESTJ mom and they have raised me this way
I get lost in thought in class when distracted in class or home
I hate getting into unknown situations and want to have a idea of what I'm getting into so I could prepare mentally, whether it be meeting new people or going to a place like summer camp

Alright, thats all I got. Don't ignore this please, this typing took me half a hour and I don't want all my hard work to be for nothing :)
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