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After a lot of research and thinking the past few days I've come down to EXTP. I can't figure out if I am a sensor or intuitive, ESTP sounds more like me but some things make me question it, making me confused as fuck and angry:frustrating: Can someone explain key differences between these two types or in other words, dominant SE vs dominant NE?
Se definitely. I see signs of inferior Ni, in fear of planning. Alot of your Ne stuff can be pegged to Ti. Ti likes to connect dots and make things make 'perfect' sense.

It's highly possibly some ENTP (or INTP) will come in here and yell at me, but from what I've seen Ne-Ti or Ti-Ne users tend to very random and hard to follow because they're connecting a bunch of dots together in the moment that aren't always necessary. Sort of like scatterbrained thinking. I personally usually track them fine with my Ti mind, but I listen to them go down the strangest and most amusing rabbit holes and then try to wait patiently for them to get back on track and make everything they're saying.. relevant. Ne users in general have very random quirky, pun type humor. I even see it in my ISTJ husband when he relaxes. (And he's an inferior Ne.) Ne users tend to be somewhat inventive.. enjoying new ideas and coming up with new ideas, even if they don't take them anyway.
An Se user is more down to earth... and will be 'inventive' only if they see a way to fix an immediate problem.
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