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Hello, nice to meet you all :bye:
Soo...just wondering if anyone else had this issue..I can't seem to be able to determine my type.
I have been typed as INFJ, INTJ, INFP, ISTP and even ISFJ..and I relate to all and none of them at the same time. For a period of time I also used to think I'm INTP but there are certain things in this type that just don't feel very right.
My issue is..the online tests are unclear to me. They're boring, chaotic and with mixed meaning- questions. I could easily manipulate the answers to have the test give me a specific type and I can easily relate to several meanings of those questions.
ex. 'Do you let people in their own devises or do you prefer helping them?' lol, another silly question. I like helping people when they're in need, especially if I think it's something serious but I also won't just butt my nose in someone's business unless I'm asked to, nor will I get too involved with someone's life or problems, unless they're very close to me. These questions simply DON'T do it. I feel sorry for every poor soul out there that has done one or a couple online tests and think they 'found' their type. It takes a lot of research and I still haven't reached a conclusion.

In many ways I relate to both sensors and intuitives.

I am very intuitive but I'm also very attuned to my senses. I'm not very good with details though, they tire me out quickly. I can focus on the present pretty well but I'm also very easy on the 'being lost in my world' kind of thing. I dissociate from reality more often than I'd like, esp when in situations I don't like such as social stuff.
I'm pretty easygoing and chill in my personal life but when it comes to work I love order and systematic 'by the book' procedures.

I love having guidebooks next to me or clear and simple instructions and following them, that way I feel my job will be safer and more competent. I also like a bit of order in my personal life too, especially in my needs. I'm a minimalist to my core, from the way I think to the way I tidy my space or dress.

I'm a big procrastinator but I can also be very focussed if I set my mind to it.

I can be very kind and helpful to people, I care about people but mostly from a distance..because I also tend to get insanely annoyed by people's irritating or idiotic behaviors. My sarcasm and cynicism is something that I often try to hide because their level is just too big for most people to digest and I'm pretty sure I'd sound like a major [email protected] if I let that stuff out freely. In fact most social stuff irritate the living daylights out of me.

I love's my drug. I will even buy books about things I like but I have no natural inclination or understanding of, just to experience the learning process. ex. I can't do stuff like physics or astronomy but that doesn't stop me from reading these subjects by my sheer fascination about nature, the galaxy and its mechanisms. I can't draw to save my life but I have insane admiration for artwork and I love having aesthetic pieces of art in my space.

Ik that I'm an introvert, that much is certain by all means.

But I can't figure out if I'm more of a feeler or thinker and if I lean more on the judging or perceiving category. Also..could mental health issues such as anxiety affect the way you see your personality and the way you think?

Do you guys know any other online test that might be more credible or detailed?
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