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one can work either by

1 accepting quite an amount of stress, use the stressful energy as a trigger or motivation. this working style requries some sort of excitement work quite physically. this type of working attitude can adjust to different situations that life throws at you but the result is dynamic but can be quite forceful / filled with noise.. physical, dynamic, fluid but can be shallow and not so refined. working with people is a big plus. high stress style.

2 managing, eliminating stress factors so tightly and in a refined controlled manner so that one manages to maximise his resources maintaining the the clear mentality, brain process so that the mental process can really thrive and bringout really amazing results. this requires a secure, refined environment. but this can bring out pure, refined, visionary results without much noise but just the essence but this is hard to maintain and less fluid to travel / adjust .. concentrated, deep focusing, using the mental movement. refined, exact, effective, visionary, inventive, original, novel in results but fragile. working alone is a big plus. stress-controlled style.

in an ideal situation im definately more no. 2 type of worker. and get good results and improvements from that. and balance with a tiny tiny potion of 1 in the end when required..

but i am now in a situation where i'd have to relocate myself to canada due to certain security reasons and i have to start combining 1 and 2 .. but i can't really deal with stress very well. im an only child and with a single parent i spent most of my life working on my own projects with not so much friends at all :-0 so i was wondering.. if you had to go through some sort of transition from 2 to 1, when needed, how did you handle that? i think i could manage myself and routinise myself well enough to handle some of stressful situations but i can't maintain that for long enough i'd either collapse or explode..

and another thing.. there is this saying do more and manage less ! but i am not quite good at it.. im definately more managing type.. and when i've done that i seem to harvest sudden surge of energies that flow through my body when i am inspired / intuitively activated ..

so how do you handle / manage stress and at once focus well enough and manage to create results that are not compromised?
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