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i'm more #2 as well..
i just fall apart under pressure
i'm still recuperating from burn out from over the past few years even

i do my best if i do things slowly and ahead of time with many breaks in between. it's as if i'm studying/learning while i'm working. i need time after to soak it all in and clear my mind. sometimes i will instead work for a very long time and then have a long break instead of several short ones

i had an issue with this in my art classes because i found the manual work was nothing compared to idea development.. i always need more time to test and to mull over when i'm forming ideas.. in the end, all i could offer to show in my assignment was my research. i had no end result :)

it's definitely serious
i had to switch careers (sort of)
what i wanted to study turned out to be something i could not do as a job :cool:
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