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Are there any INFPs paramedics out there, or any INFPs who have considered/are considering it as a career? (Or NFs in general?) I want to hear your experience of it, and whether or not you'd recommend it...

I have been trying to figure out a career, and narrowed it down to something health-related where I get to help people. It's scary to admit that I might want to be a paramedic, since I've never considered it before (I'm "the smart one who's good at math and stuff.") It's even more scary to think that I'd be opening myself up to being vulnerable: I might try it then realize it's not something I can/want to do, and my friends and family would feel bad for me.

Given that my personality type wants to help people... I imagine someone else has considered this career path!

You don't need to read this part, but if you want... I've made a list of why I'd want to do it & why not.

Here's why I think I'd like it:

  • I've always been interested in health and the human body
  • Helping people is my patronus, what has pulled me out of my deepest grumpy weeks, but I want something that has a direct connection to the person I'm helping (ie: organizing an event to raise money for a charity, seems disconnected from where the money's going... I know it is
  • I deal well wish short-term stress (eg: exams) while I don't deal well with chronic stress (eg: working on a project that's always in the back of my mind because my part in the project is unfinished)
  • I have daydreamed about it... being in a beautiful part of the world, and having to deal with a first aid emergency, and having that certain flavour of intense focus and awareness of the world (like when I was traveling a couple of years ago and had to find my way in a strange place in a language I didn't know well enough)
  • My favourite character in the Hunger Games series is Primrose Everdeen when she becomes a nurse or something. I also really liked the book Mountains Beyond Mountains (about Dr. Paul Farmer who goes to Haiti and helps people there)
  • I once read an article about these paramedics who went to some central american country & trained local people in first aid and stuff... that would be super cool!
  • It would be really cool to be able to deal with anything that may happen if I'm camping or traveling, or when I have kids

Here's why I'm not so sure:
  • I don't like driving fast
  • I don't have any experience in actually doing first aid (except nosebleeds) & therefore have no idea how I would handle it... I'm worried that what I actually want is to learn about myself and push my boundaries and see what I can handle and what I can't (in other words, what if I only think I want to be a paramedic but actually want to have to learn more about myself?)
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