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I'm really curious to know what other ENFJs answered to the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question, and further - if any of you are actually in that career.

It comes out of selfish motives... I'm thinking about gong back to school next fall, and am sort of at a crossroads. I just turned twenty-three and am vaguely ADD when it comes to career trajectories. I have a Bachelor in Performance Music (wasn't people-based enough for the ENFJ in me), a Bachelor of Education (I loved the kids, didn't like the public school system or the adults) and am happily stepping down the not-for-profit arts organization road. I like the kind of work I do, but really want to be learning things and in school. The three options I'm seriously considering (which would probably make people I know IRL laugh to varying degrees, pun not intended) are a LLB/combined MBA, Journalism or Aircraft Maintenance.

I would love the advice/insight from other ENFJs.

P.S. My answer to that question is: PILOT.
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