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Careers ISTJ's enjoy

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I wish I would have taken an MBTI test before I graduated with my BA...and before I started on a MS, but since I didn't I'm now stuck in a conundrum: continue with a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist (despite the amount it drains me due to my introversion) or pursue a master's in Library Sciences? I've looked at various lists of "recommended" careers for ISTJs, but they're all pretty narrow.

So - for those of you ISTJ's who enjoy your careers: what do you do?

Are there any ISTJ SLPs out there who enjoy their job?
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My major is Human Resource Management. I chose it because I've worked at far too many jobs where the HR person ALWAYS takes management's side. While I realize that they must enforce company standards, at the same time employees are people too and there ARE times that they ar right. Both sides should get due diligence, and equitable justice. If that means the manager is right and the employee has to go, then so be it. Conversely, if the employee is right and the manager has to go? Bye-bye now.
FWIW, I found out my second year of school that I actually enjoyed Economics. If the HR thing doesn't pan out, I'm strongly inclined to doing some more studying in that subject.
Nah. You owe it to yourself to do something you enjoy. In the long run, you'll contribute more to society if you're doing what you love. And in another 30 years, you don't want to regret not taking that extra step.

For what it's worth, I'm majoring in economics, international business and international trade. Eventually I'd like to work on developing a viable international monetary system - it may be a pipe dream, but I intend to take it as far as I can!
^ This. Even though I'm way past 30, I've still got half my life to do things, and the good part is that I won't spend half of that half dependent on someone else (i.e., in childhood).
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