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Here are some lesser known quotes by Carl Jung.

Carl Jung quotes:

On the loss of spirtuality and the growth of communism:
"In order to turn the individual into a function of The State his dependence on anything beside The State must be taken from him."

On science's use in society:
"If statistical reality is the only reality, then it is the sole authority."

On superstitions and their meaning:
"Everywhere and at all times there have been rites... which are impugned as magic and superstition by rationalists incapable of psychological insight.

The performance of a "magical" action gives the person concerned a feeling of security which is absolutely essential for carrying out a decision because a decision is inevitably somewhat one-sided and is therefore rightly felt to be a risk.

Even a dictator thinks it necessary not only to accompany his acts of State with threats but to stage them with all manner of solemnities. Brass bands, flags, banners, parades and monster demonstrations are no different in principle from ecclesiastical processions, cannonades and fireworks to scare off demons. Only, the suggestive parade of state power engenders a collective feeling of security which, unlike religious demonstrations, gives the individual no protection against his inner demonism."

On rationalists missing the mark:
"When the rationalist directs the main force of his attack against the magical effect of the rite as asserted by tradition, he has in reality completely missed the mark."

On the failure of communism as an externalized religion:
"Just as the addition of however many zeros will never make a unit, so the value of a community depends on the spiritual and moral stature of the individuals composing it."

On faith:
"People call faith the true religious experience, but they do not stop to think that actually it is a secondary phenomenon arising from the fact that something happened to us in the first place.

Belief is no adequate substitute for inner experience.

Isn't it time that the Christian mythology, instead of being wiped out, was understood symbolically for once?"
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