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categorizing is predictable??

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hello fellow INFPs

according to the test im an infp.. but im sort of not liking being put in a box and being categorized. i feel exposed and predictable, and yet im not actually sure if im a 100 percent infp, because i have some doubts.. hope you could help me out.. i dont know what else to do...

- how do feel being categorized?
- according to the description of an INFP "we" have a complex mind which i agree with for sure, but would you also categorize yourself as being abstract??

thanks in advance
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INFP is a preference. It's preferred behavior derived from cognitive preference. INFP is like saying someone is left-handed or right-handed. Just because some is right-handed doesn't tell me if that person likes to read. Just because a person is an INFP doesn't tell me if that person opens up easily or doesn't. I've had some 40 INFPs send me their Personality Self-Portrait scores and they're all different.

Some INFPs dressed up flamboyant (high Idiosyncratic score) while others like to blend in. Some are super high Vigilant scores so it could be years before they tell you anything important while others leave their life an open book.

Where in the letters INFP does it say whether your a social INFP or an non-social INFP? It doesn't. You can't tell with those 4 letters. The only two things that I know about all INFPs is that:

1. More than likely they'll show up late unless they're compensating.
2. They have at least one artistic endeavor which they use to express themselves.

That's about it. Everything else is up in the air.
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