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Cathartic songs about family issues

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I just like the bad arse guitar.
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Hehe I may only do my periodic crazy FB posts to humiliate my mother. Lol the only thing she loves more than herself is her reputation. I like to stain it. Tehe I am a shithead. I do not do it a lot. And it does not take much, LOL. My Aunt & Uncle were asking my mom if I was ok, after a public break up (not getting into it was with an ex who I worked with). Anyways my daughter freaked out at my mom because my mom was just trying to brush off and say I was 'crazy' to the relatives who were concerned. My mother just had no info and did not know the answer to their question because she was disgusted by the relationship.

Anyways all these songs explain my mother pretty well. Even if they were meant with romantic connotations, they could easily be applied to myself & siblings. Being accessories. The theme is just vanity, stuff, and objectification. She is actually one of those women who helps make the case for MRAs unfortunately.

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