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Challenge! Stepping out of your comfort zone

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I was thinking how stuck we INFPs tend to get in our comfort zone because we are so afraid of conflict and consequences. When I once in a while do step out of it, I either experience something superawesome, or I miserably fail. But I always learn from it. Either way - you gain experience you never would have gained if you sit back in your box.

(Except if you die, so I'm not asking you to go skydiving), but something as "simple" as saying something you usually wouldn't or doing something you've always wanted to do, but never had the guts to. Now is the time to do it! Ask out the girl or the boy you've been staring at for the past months, run naked down the street, hitchike, go into a heated debate or argument with someone you've never dared to go against, or whatever else you can think of... These are some examples, so of course it depends on the individual.

Post your own challenge here, and then write about how it went. Think about how many cool stories we could get!

I'm sorry if this is already a thread or an idéa, I really hope its not already taken...

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Make small talk with the people at the gym. And I will go to a class or more without my friends, by my lonesome self.

As it is, the instructor will come by say hi or bye and other snippets to me and my friends. We just say hi or bye. We're usually in our zone, talking. Oh yeah, my friends have even less interest to socialize than I do. Once, the zumba teacher called us cute. I don't know?

We have our own corner of the class. Back wall. When a song stops, the wall is like a magnet to us. I've noticed it. And it's pretty strange. I feel like we stand out in the class. Like people watch us, why you so unsociable (except within your own group. Cuz my two buddies blabber away.)

The yoga teacher seems like a friendly guy. If I pass a teacher not from the class I'm at, I do the awkward pretend to not look, if seen what to do? So I will say hi! I will be friendly with them. I say thank you after the class sometimes. But now I'll make sure I'm heard and appreciate more somehow, make opening for socializing somehow...

Even with the members from class. I smile at them. Hhmm, how to do this...

Also, my friends aren't crazy about yoga but I like it, so I'll go without them.
A simple example of what gives me an motivation rush is a movie or a good book.Action movies kinda gives me a push.
Also reading some inspirational stories or quotes combinet with practical psyhology is getting me moving out of my confort zone.

I was a very shy guy with girls at high school.For 2 months I've read about seduction,about charisma,personality and just saw one night the movie Hitch.The next day at school there was a very hot girl on the hallway.So I went there and I hug here,then I wispered to her ear:See you around!.
After that I left and after 5 seconds I was smiling because I didnt belive myself what I just done.
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