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Hey fellow INFPs :)

I am currently studying and i am curious about my behaviour during learning phases. I am hardworking and study several hours a day before my exams. Interestingly i am starting to change, getting more serious, i see everything more rational, i think much faster and the need for talking about serious topics rises. Besides that i want to share my knowledge more eagerly and this starts to annoy my friends a little bit. During learning breaks they don't want to talk about scientific topics, because they want to 'switch off' their brains. I really like my subject (physical geographie + biology) and i think it's interesting for everyone. I am asking a lot of questions about the subjects of my friends and want to know more about it, but that's not reciprocal. So i am getting annoyed of myself and choose to avoid people during learning sessions. But i try to say to myself 'Don't talk about serious stuff, just listen and stay in context'.
On the other hand, during my chill and party phases, i really get good along with everybody and having much more fun. But i love knowledge and i don't want to stop reading interesting books etc.

Thanks for reading ;)
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