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I switch from ENTJ to ENFJ each time I take the test, so I just went with reading deeper into the two and decided I was an ENFJ.

Although believe me when I say that as you grow, your perceptions towards the world changes. My grandfather told me that this "mistyping" happens quite often because of the things that happen around us and that one person cannot simply stay one type forever. My grandfather is the director of the National Center for Mental Health in my country, so I bet he's very credible and what he says is true.

These four letters, as I think it is, only accurate depending on your current beliefs and take on the world. If it so happens that some moving event comes your way and you see/learn something you haven't learned before, then you have changed. And these experiences may or may not make you stick to what you believed previously or change it completely and act differently towards them. That's just what life is, constant changes.

I highly don't doubt I was an ENTJ for most of my current life, but look at me now. I'm an ENFJ and it only took a year on High School to change how I see the world and the goals I wanted to achieve. o u o
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