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As far as my knowledge goes, you don't change 'type'. First of all, JCF is a system which explains cognition and methods of evaluation. MBTI convoluted that by making it behaviour based using very suspect research methodology. The descriptions are biased to say the least. And then Keirsey (not so much Keirsey) and his followers went on and created a system of Temperament based hierarchies which created all this confusion.

Finally we have Enneagrams which try to explain why we do what we do and I feel they are closer and more detailed than MBTI which is highly suspect IMO and includes a lot of overlap which is better explained in Enneagrams.

What one can do and is actually required to do is to develop the inferior function in order to round off their personalities more. Cognition means that every individual is capable of reaching the same conclusions but reach them differently.

I'm going to mention @LiquidLight here and I really hope he would comment on whether a person's type remains static, but the person has the ability to grow within their archetype, but not to become another archetype altogether.

IMO a person cannot change type. Otherwise had that kind of assertion been made or even readily acceptable, then it would be one of the biggest flaws in the system.

I mean, if type changes, then why have types to begin with?
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