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I know from experience that ENFJs can take on the traits of ESFJs when they spend a lot of time around sensor types. If your pretty young it's easy to get mistyped or to be on the border, still feeling out what your preferences are I guess. Also usually when a person's younger the dominant function is more dominant; the auxiliary function and so on is supposed to show up more as a person matures--well, in theory at least.

I know Ni and Si can be similar because they both draw on past experience, but in different ways. Ni looks for patterns and picks up on little clues. A Ni user would remember things like "This person likes to talk about such and such" or "This person is offended by this or that" or "This is this person's schedule," etc. and For ENFJs, it usually works along with Se, which I guess, helps them adapt to whatever group they're in at present.
Si users, on the other hand, look to the past to look for what's worked for them. I find ESFJs tend to be much less chameleonlike than ENFJs because when dealing with social interaction or helping others, they usually look to the past to see what worked, and go with that. Or when they exert a value, they usually go with more traditional values "what's tried and true".

So if you relate to Ni-Se more than Si-Ne, than you're an ENFJ.
I would imagine that it's highly common for an ENFJ to be mistyped as an ESFJ since most of the people around them will probably be sensors, and ENFJs try to have a lot in common or at least come across as having a lot in common with the people around them; they usually know everyone around them at much deeper level than they know themselves
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