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Chatty Functions?

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Hi All,

I wanted your opinion on which CF you feel is the 'chattiest' in your head?

By 'Chatty,' I mean mental noise(thoughts, ideas, feeling, repeated song lyrics- anything really) that is loud, nagging, or distracting.

Obviously whichever function this is for you is also helpful in someways and should never be totally despised:tongue:. It's just nice to vent about what in our thinking is distracting us sometimes, I think.
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Definitely Fe and Ne, at least in my case. Fe more than Ne because it's my dominant function. It's really difficult to shut up it. It tells me everything about people around me and so it's focused on other feelings, emotions, thoughts. It helps me to understand others and to really perceive the whole of them. In that way I can also feel linked to others.
While my Ne distracts myself with external inputs, with different ideas, thoughts, points of view. I can be literally absorbed by these for hours or I can get every point of view of a situation with an intensity so strong that I, sometimes, find difficulties to chose or remember what is my own point of view.
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Fe is chatty but Te's still talk a lot xD

Dominant Se...perhaps. Dominant Ne varies a lot IMO.
Chattiest in my head? Ti, definitely. I can't shut it off. Ever. It's like a running commentary in my head, snatches of lyrics I wake up with mentally singing, etc. I also think in words, not images--but I'd imagine that all of the judging functions are more verbal in general.

ETA: I can't turn off Ni, either.
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Yes, l sometimes feel like l'm talking a lot. l wonder how much Te takes note of how much is being expressed verbally or if they hardly notice, whilst l'm becoming worn down from talking in my head lol.
The voices in my head are very Fi. Ne tends to be chatty outwardly in my experience.
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I would guess Ti to be related to a lot of my cognitive white noise..... I don't consider Ne to be very chatty because it's more of something like a state of being to me, but I could see how it might be chatty for someone else. My feeling and sensing more of influence rather than talk.
Ne can never shut up when I need it to. I've talked about this before...

I have ideas for new crap I want to do constantly. It gets even worse when I have a bunch of stuff I have to accomplish.

My brain tells me "Remember that thing you were doing on the piano yesterday? Yeah, I figured out how you can combine those two rhythms with the chord structure you were working on and hey I just had a great idea for one of the fourteen story concepts you have and speaking of which you should really draw some concept art for that because that one landscape would look really cool in pen drawn with contour hatching and ohheyyouknowwhatwouldbereallycoolyoucoulddevelopthatquadratemperamentstheoryyouhadandcombineitwiththegregorccognitivestyles-" and I say "will you SHUT UP and help me find a particular guess to use for the undetermined coefficients of this differential equation? This thing's due tomorrow, and I haven't even started my two lab reports!"
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I think the inferior function is the chattiest. Because you pay attention to the dominant, and the inferior function wants to have your attention as well.

Seriously whenever I'm stressed, I become a moody ball of negative emotions who constantly thinks I am unlovable to other people. I become so pathetically emotional, needy, verbally abusive during the lowest of lows.
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I would assume it's the two judging functions because don't the two of them continuously struggle for "your time" as some posters here have said.

I would say this is more likely for rational types, the ones with a dominant judging function because their suppressed inferior will always be that function that wants to give the other side of the story but can't or isn't able to for the most part.

When the judging functions are both subconscious (auxiliary and tertiary) I don't think the chattering will be as apparent because they're well, subconscious! lol.
I have to agree with the 'inferior function being loudest' deal for myself. Si is definitely loud loud loud in my head all the time, comparing things to what I've said or done or seen before, Ti then dealing with what exactly makes it different, classifying it away so that it can be compared yet again. While I'm functioning in Ne-land 90% of the time, Si is almost always the function that will abruptly snap me out of a reverie or train of thought due to noticing something else and playing the comparison game. It can make giving presentations difficult, sometimes!
Ni never shuts up. It's always kind of "hey, look at that thing over there, what does it mean?" to no end. The process is so natural I don't always notice it though.
shut upppp!
Ne might be a chatter, but it's not a noticeable one. it's just there as the fabric of reality. Whereas Ti is all like "let us talk this issue TO DEATH oh haha you just got on the wrong bus now you have three more hours to analyze the difference between forks and sporks!"
Chattiest thoughts are definitely all about Ti and Ne.
Chattiest words spoken are all about Fe and Ne.
Ne is just a chatty function.
**OH shit read the OP too fast completely missed the mark**

Ignore my post LOL
Anyways, that'd be Ni for me LOL

My Te doesn't really "chat" inside the just executes at full speed ahead....I'd blame any chatty noise "inside the head" to Ni and not Te
Fi, for me. If Fi kicks in, it doesn't stop. It's usually restricted to my own head though. Outwardly chatty, maybe Fi still if I'm streaming my thoughts.
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