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My vehicle is INFP, 9w8. Vroom vroom!!
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Today was our Christmas band concert—my first one to conduct at and teach for. It went alright. I was kind of worried about it last week, but they're just children. Whatever happens, they're just kids. The kids did alright today.

Yesterday I went to a staff party with my boyfriend's staff. I made "spinach dip puffs". I made up the recipe on a whim, and they were a big hit! I made 95 of them, and there were like 12 left in the morning!

At the party, he accidentally let it slip that he loves me. Not that it was really a surprise. He got a little drunk, and he managed to get me to sit on his lap when we were in front of everybody. I get shy when it comes to overt public displays of affection. It's like it doesn't jive with the image of myself I like to portray. I was telling him that I felt weird doing this around other people. He replied that nobody thought anything of it because "everyone here knows I love you."

Today we went to church together and it went well. I don't think he took most of the message to heart, but it was good that we could go there together. My parents and I also had a good conversation about relationship age gaps.
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