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I'm 85% sure of my type....but not 100. There are times I think about my thought processes or actions and I doubt my type/functions (probably through my own misunderstanding of functions or paying too much attention to stereotypes) so I just wanted to answer a couple of questions taken from a questionnaire and see if anyone could tell me what functions you think I show.

1. What kind of activities do you enjoy?

-Art- Art is my talent, so I like being able to produce pieces that show off my skill I can present and be proud of. Motivation comes from two places when I create paintings. The first is being inspired by favourite things, like view in my favourite holiday spot or a painting of an aspect of a season or animals. I tend towards more realistic styles, I’m quite precise which a good eye for colour, texture and detail. Impressionistic or abstract art doesn’t quite hold the same appeal to me. The second is honestly that I’m motivated by people saying something is good. I know people say art should come from within but outward praise has always been a huge motivator for me.

-Photography- Art but faster. I find photography great because I can look at a scene and know the image I want to capture and I can just take a picture rather than painting. It also allows more flexibility, I can take lots of shots where I change the angle or wait for different sunlight or all these different factors and when I get home I can look through them to see which is actually the best composition which would take hours if I were painting everything! Whilst I’m a good painter, I actually enjoy photography more because it allows me to get outdoors and move around (I get up and pace mid painting because I’m someone who doesn’t sit still for long) and when I see that view or object that I just want to capture, I don’t have to hold it in my head until I have my paints, I can just snap it.

-Sport- I’ve done a variety of sports in my life but the two I stuck with were swimming and dancing. I think sport is a really important thing to be involved because it has so many benefits (keeps your weight low, helps with stress etc) and for me is a time to switch off from school or work. In sport the word that describes me is ‘technical’. I’m perhaps not the most natural dancer, I tap my feet to the beat but that’s the extent usually. Give me a routine and time to break it down step by step so I can think about every transition, finger placement, what my muscles are doing. In time I could give you a technically very good dance, but I’ve always lacked natural ‘oomph’ and showmanship. I couldn’t improvise a dance.

Swimming is my other sport- I loved the routine. Some people hate getting up at 4:50 am but I enjoyed it, each session had a start and finish time, I knew exactly what I was doing and whilst some people think swimming is repetitive I liked the familiarity and that I could master what I was doing rather than always doing something different. I liked being on a close knit team as well, most of us had trained together since we were kids so going training was like going to a second home and family. Again in this sport I was very technical and dedicated and in training I was ultra competitive but in actual competition I had a tendency to underperform because I overthink rather than just do.

The activities I like could be summed up by saying I like things that are familiar that I know I’m good at. I don’t feel comfortable with new things because I have this urge to be the best in the room at something even though that’s not always possible. I like things that have routine and have a clear outcome.

2. What do you love and why? Could be people, places, things....

I’ll stick with the question format. I love my family and pets. I tend to only form true bonds with very few people, even at uni I haven’t found anyone I’ve really clicked and bonded with but I feel that comfort when I’m with family. My pets are the most precious things to me, they’re my little companions and when I’m away from home I miss them being curled up behind my knees, purring me to sleep.

This is going to sound shallow, but I love pretty things. Anything and everything visually appealing. I love the outdoors for this reason, I love observing changes in seasons, different weathers, amazing views whether it’s snowy mountains or perfect blue seascapes.

In terms of places, the one place I love more than anywhere is Cornwall. It’s my home away from home, somewhere I have spent time since the year I was born. It feels less modernised although that’s not the right word. It’s not exactly still in the stone ages but there’s a lot of history still very alive in traditional foods and work, a real sense of community and I dream of living in one of the quaint stone cottages with a sage green or duck egg blue front door with flowers growing over it. Also- the beach!! For me there’s not a beach in the world that’s compares to the rugged cliffs and waves of the North Cornish coast or crystal clear waters on the south west. I love feeling the sand and standing in the sea, listening to the waves and birds. The feeling I get when I’m there is something I wish I could capture and share. I feel a lot more at home in quiet, rural, natural locations than in the big city where I was born. I’ve also been captivated by it’s mystical side for as long as I can remember- mermaids and Arthurian Legend and kindgoms lost beneath the waves.

3. What were you like as a child? How have changed? How have you stayed the same?

I was a suck up. In a nutshell. In primary school I was a school councillor, eco councillor, road safety officer, playground monitor, office monitor, library monitor....I was also quite quiet though. I excelled at art and writing/illustrating stories. I was crap at maths. In school I wasn't one to put my hand up much, I was a mix of responsible yet dreamy. In my spare time I loved reading especially anything involving magic or animals or preferably both :L I was quiet, well behaved and either very good at something or would not do it. I was oddly stubborn as well which wasn't really expected from the quiet well behaved kid. But if I didn't like how something was done I was immovable. On a less positive I was also kind of...judgy. I had my idea of how things should be. Like I remember playing in the playground and we were being characters on a tv show and I remember telling a girl she couldn't be 'X' character because she looked all wrong for it.

I've changed in that I'm now less of a suck up and keep to myself more than take on the roles like councillors or equivalent. I'm much more confident in general. I write less now, I don't feel as creative as I was as a child. I'm probably stifled by worrying my ideas will be stupid. In terms of the how things 'should' look or be, I'm not as bad as I was a child but my I do still have an initial inward reaction to things that are different to my ideas however remind myself to stop being a b*tch :L

I still love all things involving animals and magic, preferably both! I still re-read those same books I adored as a kid even though they're aimed at 12 year olds! I'm still crap at maths.
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