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Well, I'm an INFP, but at times i wonder if that kinda things don't make an ENFP...xD

I'm very expressive, expansive at times, well, not, but I always have a tender word for everyone. Some people told me I make them blush, when really I don't say anything but the truth (if I hate something I tell it too quite straight so there's nothing with that)...I get very strong feelings towards people, and all that.

I cry too easily, and I love this, but makes me feel a bit uncomfortable at times. I cry so much. And I laugh so much. all the time.

I wonder if I am a bit cheesy.
I love all kind of feely things. People say I'm a romantic but I don't agree.
I hate romanticism. the idea we've made, fuck. i mean, romantic typical movies and the idea of love with its bounds.
but real romanticism, which means the connection of the souls, and giving it all for passion, suits me, I hope.
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