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This is a short story I wrote from my mind. Bit gruesome, but has some ethical connotations to it

In eastern China there was once a man who called himself Sun Shi. He was one of the followers of the famous Hao Sin, the warlord. He allowed the rest of the warband to eat his food on any occasion. He believed it was bad manners to leave the left overs for the crows. One day of the eastern sun the warband travelled to the Qiangqian province. They stopped for a break when the sun was above them. At this time Sun Shi was starving. He went to get his food and noticed all was gone. He got very annoyed at the fact that someone had stolen his food. He raised his voice so that all the warband heard him. ‘I will beat the person who has stolen my food, if you do not believe me, I will kill a man the next time I am stolen from’. Two weeks later he noticed that his satchet was gone. He walked over to a group of men sitting by a fire, pulled out his dagger and slit a man’s throat. The group of men still alive got up and armed themselves. ‘I told you I would kill a man if someone stole from me’ said Sun Shi. The men went quiet, they knew of Sun Shi’s ability to fight and did not want to take their chances. The warlord Hao Sin noticed the dead man bleeding out on the ground and looked at the group of men, then on Sun Shi. Hao Sin laughed and said ‘Many men do not think you will kill one of them, but you have proven that you will. Who has stolen the food from Sun Shi? he asked loud so the whole camp could hear. Everyone knew that Hao Sin would kill anyone who did not answer him truthfully, and none wanted to take the risk of being found out. ‘I-I did H-hao Sin’ a man said from a nearby fire. The man Cheng Chun, a fat and heavyset man, said hesitantly.

Sun Shi looked at him with venomous eyes. ‘What about my satchel?!’ ‘I-I did not take that Sun Shi’ Cheng Chun said empathically lowering his head to the ground in submission. Hao Sin, looked around the camp ‘who has taken Sun Shi’s satchel?’
‘I did’ came the deep voice of a tall man Shao Xin. ‘I wanted it for my possessions, Sun Shi doesn’t look after his things and I felt no shame in taking it, it could’ve been lost a long the road anyway’.
Sun Shi looked at him with deep annoyance ‘I want it back Shao Xin’ Shao Xin walked back to his resting place, picked the satchel up and threw it to Sun Shi. ‘Watch your belongings next time’. Sun Shi said nothing and sat down. Hao Sin looked at Sun Shi and said ‘You killed an innocent man, even though we are a warband and kill many people, even innocent ones, have you anything to say to offer me some kind of self-punishment?’
Sun Shi looked up at him and said ‘You know I am a killer, a very efficient one, I will take the next ten heads of the next enemies we encounter and I will drink their blood’
‘You call this punishment?’
‘I hate blood apart from when it is on my sword, if I was forced to drink it I would be very disgusted with myself and loose many nights trying to forget the happening’.
‘I accept your self-punishment’ Hao Sin said, and walked away.
The next day the warband came upon an emperors local militia. Sun Shi killed thirteen men, and after all the militia were killed or driven away, Sun Shi took the heads of ten enemies and started drinking the blood. He spluttered and felt the rankness of the prospect, but kept drinking.
That night he had many nightmares where the families of the dead militia came to haunt him. A small girl walked up to him in his dream and looked at him with sad eyes. ‘How could you kill my father? she said. A middle aged woman walked up next to him and held a dagger to his throat ‘This is for you, when I see you’. Next an old man walked up with a very grim look on his face ‘You have angered the gods with your brutality’. He had several more people come forward to him throughout the night and awoke in a pool of sweat. He said nothing the entire day.

At the end of the night he sat at the fire and saw several faces in the fire. He began to feel dizzy and nauseous. A group of men saw the tormented look on Sun Shi’s face and started laughing for themselves. Sun Shi saw them laugh and drew a dagger. The men went quiet instantly and reached their hands towards their weapons. Hao Sin was sitting at the fire and noticed the murderous exchange. He stood up and said ‘Sun Shi, have these men done anything to you?’
‘No, they haven’t’ Sun Shi responded, ‘but they were laughing, and I don’t like it’.
‘Sheathe your weapon, all of you’ Hao Sin sat down and started to eat his food again. The men including Sun Shi put their weapons down and away.
The next morning Sun Shi screamed so the whole camp woke up. Several men came rushing towards him with their weapons out, looking bewildered at the sight of Sun Shi looking flushed and drunk looking. Hao Sin started to worry about Sun Shi, not worrying about Sun Shi himself, but for the rest of the camp, Sun Shi might be losing his mind, but was still a dangerous killer. Several days and nights went on like this where Sun Shi woke up and screamed, looking drunk.
Hao Sin made a decision a week later to have Sun Shi killed, there was no stabile measure in the man anymore. He arranged for a group of six men to walk up on Sun Shi while he was in the woods to relieve himself. Sun Shi, awake and fully conscious of himself noticed the men walking up on him and killed all of them, being only slightly injured himself. He took a sword off one of the dead men and walked up to Hao Sin ‘You had planned to kill me?’
Hao Sin stood up with a sword in hand. ‘Yes, I regret to see that you are still alive, this means that I will have to kill you myself, and that is no easy task’.
‘Try old man’ A fierce battle ensued, blades crossing and coming down to be parried again, there were slashing wounds on both the men, Hao Sin was an accomplished swordsman from fighting many years in the emperors army. Sun Shi was a skilled swordsman after practicing as a child with a local swordsman, and later with a group of mercenaries.

An arrow to the back finally brought Sun Shi down. Hao Sin was bleeding badly from his abdomen, back and left arm. The bowman revealed himself to be Tung Tzu, one of the oldest of the warband. He looked down at Sun Shi scrabbling around on the ground, pushed him over on his stomach, breaking the arrow in his back. ‘You are a truly merciless killer, despite our code among the warband. You deserve to die’.
Sun Shi looked up at him and said ‘Thank you, you have allowed me to come to rest for my sins’. Sun Shi soon closed his eyes and was gone.
The night after Sun Shi died a very cold wind spread across the camp, chilling the men to the bones. Hao Sin heard a whisper in the wind ‘I am one with the wind’.
He thought nothing of it until the next night when the wind returned and he heard another whisper ‘I am free of sin’. The third night Hao Sin wandered the camp, no wind was there, but an ice spread out across the ground. In the ice he saw Sun Shi’s reflection smiling back at him. Hao felt a shiver up his spine. Is Sun Shi haunting him. He told not any of the other men of his experiences and slept with his eyes open. The fourth day he was exhausted by the thoughts of his experiences. When he reached for a bowl of soup he dropped it as soon as he took it as it looked like blood. When he looked at the spilled soup on the ground it still looked like blood until a minute later when he could see it was a light grey soup. The men around him looked confused.

That night Hao Sin dreamt a dream where he met Sun Shi dressed in a white robe on the mountain of Qian. Sun Shi had shaved all his hair apart from a ponytail at the back of his head, and looked very peaceful. ‘Hello Master’ he said and bowed.
‘S-Sun Shi?’ Hao Sin said cautiously. ‘Yes, it is I, Sun Shi. I have atoned all my sins and reside on the mountain of Qian and practice meditation and Kung Fu everyday. The gods gave me a second chance despite my pleas to be sent to hell’.
Hao Sin stood quiet and felt slightly scared.
Sun Shi turned to face the forest below the mountain and turned around to face Hao Sin again ‘You too can atone for your sins, you do not have to die in order to do so, merely disperse the warband and live a peaceful life in the future. Otherwise you will have the nightmares and delusions you have begun to have’.
Hao Sin thought of the last few days and immediately felt a rush of fear spread through his body.
Sun Shi remained standing silent and motionless towards the horizon for the remainder of the dream.

When Hao Sin woke up he felt a wave of relief and then a force of fear.
He wandered up to the nearby hills and looked out over the plains. Below, all around him people were appearing, all wandering slowly and looking straight at him. He again felt fear. The people said nothing, just stood there and stared. Hao Sin raised his sword and yelled. The people didn’t move, after a while they began to move closer, speeding up their steps. Hao Sin looked at them with strained eyes, his sword was still held high, a tear of sweat was dropping from his brow. The people, at least a hundred of them suddenly ran towards him. He started to back away, but suddenly froze. The people continued to run towards him. They ran at him with great force still staring at him. The people ran into him, but vaporated on contact. He felt a ripple of emotions and agony every time a person ran through him. He stood completely frozen, forced to feel the emotions and agony that was being washed over him.
An hour later he came down from the hills, walked over to his tent, yelled for a long time and finally came out. The entire warband stood amassed outside his tent, weapons readied. Some had fear across their faces. He looked at them all and said ‘The life we have lived has consequences, perhaps not in this life, but certainly the next, if we want to live an afterlife of peace we have to give up this life or forever be doomed. I have seen the souls of all the people I have slain and they are still in pain. I felt their emotions, and it is something I have never felt, and never want to feel again. I am dispersing this warband now’.
‘But Warlord..’
‘Right now!’
The men looked at him, swords lowered to the ground.

Tung Tzu walked up to Hao Sin ‘I have dreamt of such a day, but been too lazy to do anything about it. I will not miss our adventures, we have grown to cruel for our souls to find peace’.
Tung Tzu sent a last arrow up in the sky to end his warband days.
The warband dispersed, and all the men with their belongings went in different directions.
Hao Sin and Sun Shi still remain up in the stars above Perseus constellation, living their eternities as soul guardians, helping souls to the different universes they are meant to be taken to. Their warband days were drawn in blood in the universe and the gods saw this was a path to destruction and not appropriate behaviour of mortals and gave them a second chance.
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