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I know this is an older show and was canceled a couple of years ago, but someone asked my opinion on the characters, so I watched a couple of episodes. There doesn't seem to be a thread here, so I consulted other threads on different websites, and got this:

Chuck - INFP.
Sarah - INTJ/ISFJ.
Casey - ISTJ.

Chuck. I haven't watched more than three episodes from the first season, but I don't see INFP. I see a LOT of Si and Te. That leans me ISTJ. Am I totally wrong here? He says everything he's thinking. He's all about FACTS. Book learning. Manuals. Expressing the obvious. Not only that, it's all relating somehow to his former experiences. Girlfriend in college. The video game he played last week. He seems kind of ... well, dense Ne-wise to be an NP. Does he change in subsequent episodes?

Sarah - XSFP? Seems to FEEL a lot, but likes planning, uses a LOT of improvising-in-the-moment and Te bossiness.

Casey - ISTJ or ESTJ. Seems pretty controlling and bossy to be an ISTJ.


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Casey: Total ISTJ
Chuck: INFP
Sarah: ISFP or ISTP
Morgan: Not certain, ENFP?
Big Mike: ESTJ, though a lazy one.
Shaw: INFJ
Awesome: ESFx
Orion: INFJ
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