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I think I'm Sx/So but I also relate to some Sp aspects. For instance, money and health are very important things to me.
On the other hand, I absolutely hate routine and monotony and can be a totally reckless risk-taker just for the sake of the fun and intense experience it's gonna provide.

I don't think I'm So-first since I don't care about the harmony of the group and am very confrontational by nature, if I have an opposite opinion to yours you're gonna hear it. In a debate I'm typically the contrarian. Situations where everybody has the same opinion are totally boring to me.

But to return to the Sp instinct, I generally care about my health. I go to the gym and try to eat in a somewhat healthy way not only because being healthy and having a healthy body makes me more attractive but also because it improves the chances of living a longer and better life. And because being sick basically sucks, one can enjoy much more things in life being healthy than not.
For instance, I never smoked a single cigarette in my life nor took any drugs (and boy, did I have plenty of opportunities to do so !) because I'm aware of the harm it would do to my health and sportive performances. But on the other hand I love alcohol of almost all kinds and like to drink a lot (although just at parties) ! :D But I don't see it as harmful to my health since I usually only drink 1 time or 2 a week when partying and can sometimes spend months without drinking a single drop of alcohol.

Money is also very important to me but not for the same reasons than Sp's I guess. I'm very ambitious and I see money as an important part of success, not because of any kind of security that it would provide but because of all the things having money allows to enjoy. I have some hard time trying to understand people who make a lot of money but keep living a modest lifestyle and don't spend it. I'm like, what's the point then ?
In my view, money doesn't have any value in itself, it's only important to me because of all the things one can do with a lot of money and because, in a certain way, money is a symbol of success.
In short, although I see money as a very important and a clearly necessary part of success (although by no means the only one), I see no interest in being the richest man in the cemetery.

Also, don't know if that can be considered a Sx/Sp thing, but I'm hugely selective with my sexual/romantic partners. Which sometimes leads me to unhapiness and frustration regarding my romantic relationships because I haven't found the right person to engage in a long-term relationship. I'm quite idealistic on that.

So I relate to Sx/Sp in some ways but I just can't see myself as So-last either... I'm too focused on being popular, admired, and engaging in social activities to be a So-last. But maybe I'm confusing the So instinct with the 3's natural extroversion and need for recognition ?

Also, 3w4's seem to be more frequently Sp-like and somewhat withdrawn at times, which I sometimes tend to be. Although I'm an extroverted there are some situations in which I behave like an introvert and feel the need to withdraw from others (although never for a long time), especially when I have some important decisions to take.

How would you describe a 3w4 with each instinctual variants ? (especially Sx/So and Sx/Sp)

Feel free to ask questions if you need to know more to define my instincts.

PS : My english isn't perfect but I hope you can understand everything ;)
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