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Your overall type preference is:
type 5 (5w6) first,
type 8 (8w9) second,
and type 4 (4w3) third.

Your dominant body-based type is type 8 (8w9)
Your dominant heart-based type is type 4 (4w3)
Your dominant head-based type is type 5 (5w6)

NOTE: Originally, as part of my signature, after reading Don. R. Riso wRuss Hudson's book, Personality Types, I had 5w6, then I started second guessing myself, and decided that insecurity would have been my lead-in as an infant to thinking, i.e. noticing insecurity before cognitive ability to "think" kicked in so I changed it to 6w5.

Before taking this test I was looking to put 6w5; 9w1; 4w5 but I was confused about the last as many of the 4s are encompassed in 6--and Riso, Hudson, others note that 6s often mistype as 4s.

I'm satisfied with this Tri-Type, i.e. it accurately reflects my personality sequencing; I'm satisfied with it for now, anyway. I have to study some more, a lot more: Got books on the way as I prefer hard copy to Internet reading.

Enneagram Test - Dominant Type in Each Center with Wings | Enneagram User Guide
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