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Anyone else clumsy, or is it just me?

Tripping a lot. Knocking things over. Cutting my legs shaving. Shoulder-assaulting door frames. Things falling out of my purse while I'm fishing around for something. Tripping more.

Wondering if this is common in those of us with low Se.
I could just be an idiot who can't do simple tasks. Like walking. :dry:
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There is a 15% chance of fatality anytime I'm tasked with cleaning out the fish tank.
ALL THE TIME :dry: it's seriously the worst. I trip twice a day... at least. I'm totally oblivious to any object that I could run into. Oh! And then when someone scares or tickles me, I just kick everywhere, not aware that I could hit the tickler or scare-er in the nose (not that they don't deserve it). I also agree that it has something to do with the lack of Se.
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I'm really not that clumsy....does that make me less of a ENTP D:
I'm really not that clumsy....does that make me less of a ENTP D:
It's good to know that there are some ENTPs out there who make us look a little more suave.

I realize I said that as if the rest of the world were well-versed in MBTI and typed everyone they encountered.
I just can't keep track of my body. It has a mind of its own!
If things change in my house I will run into shit. Sometimes I won't realize that it's dark and just smash into something. Sometimesi will be scratching my head and notice a massive bruise I don't remember getting.
notice a massive bruise I don't remember getting.
Thissssss. Constantly.
I'm only clumsy when I'm not actively trying to be coordinated.

So... a lot? But if I knock something over and I'm not too deep in thought, my reactions are usually pretty good and I can save whatever is falling from a horrible, horrible fate.
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Yep!! Constantly bumping into walls and dropping things. I haven't improved my Se at all but I've beaten myself up over it mentally ("Why the fuck didn't you see that wall there!?") that I have this deja vu feeling right before I bump into a wall. Ni??
I think it's a general NT trait. INTPs and INTJs often have the same issue. I would imagine ENTJs would too, but they tend to have minions do stuff for them.
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