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Hey y'all, so we all know that the majority of articles on SP types in general, but especially the SFPs, really suck. They are full of lazily written descriptions, hurtful behavioral stereotypes, and unhelpful explanations of their functions. My ENTP sister has lamented with me that most descriptions of Sensing types are "written by iNtuitives who have no clue of what they are talking about" at least since they aren't Sensors themselves.

I had always been repulsed at the idea of being a Sensor because of these lousy descriptions and basically appropriated those types (esp xSFxs) to whatever "stupid" and "thoughtless" people I encountered, which was incredibly ignorant of me and not at all acceptable.

So...I went through most of my life thinking that I was an ENFP, but my family postulated ESFP and my friends were convinced that I was an IxTx. Strangers that I'd engage in conversation with about MBTI (in these conversations I try to keep it focused on asking them questions about themselves, their passions, their insights, experiences, etc) they figured I was an INFP. Personally, considering cognitive functions and everything else people tend to do to self-type, I know I'm an xSFP.

People's varying opinions of my type, and online descriptions of the types in general, make it very hard for me to feel confident in my ability to differentiate between the ESFP and the ISFP. The extroverted and introverted Perceivers seem to always be so similar to each other cognitively (unlike the Judgers whose introverted and extroverted counterparts are sooo different from each other).

Behavioral differences in these types can vary greatly too, and one's upbringing has a huge impact too. I'm always being complimented for my apparently well-developed Te, but that skill was something forced onto me and I had no choice but to start specializing in Te-centric activities if I wanted to survive. I still choose to lead with literally any other function first and try to only go to Te when called upon to do so by a person or situation (still trying to recover a little from the Te-heavy world I came from). ISFPs (this is also being posted in the ESFP forum) of PC, please help me out -

1. What are some major cognitive differences between ESFPs and ISFPs?
2. Are there any undeniable behavioral differences, that are generally true?
3. What are some questions I can ask myself to help determine if I'm cognitively ESFP or ISFP?

Thanks in advance - <3
(I'm supposed to be preparing for an oral Russian language exam that I have in 20 minutes but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this question I am.)
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