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As an aspiring polyglot, I find myself drawing parallels between the languages I have acquired and the cognitive functions. The INFP part isn't more than marginally relevant, but anyways, the order of the functions corresponds to the order of my proficiency with each language.

Dominant/Hero Fi - ENGLISH
As a native English speaker, it's the language I have the most grasp over, just like how Fi is my driving function. Both of them are the things that come most naturally to me, and in some cases they are the only ways I know how to express something.

Auxiliary/Parent Ne - CHINESE
Since my parents are Chinese, from a young age I would always speak Chinese with the household. Also, I feel responsible when speaking Chinese, because for one, I am making it easy for my parents and grandparents, and also I am staying true to my ethnic identity.

Moving on to the languages I chose to learn, which correspond to functions developed later in life:

Tertiary/Child Si - JAPANESE
I first encountered Japanese in around 4th grade, picked it up again in 8th grade with lessons throughout all of high school, and achieved a somewhat state of fluency after many years. It is the language I like using when all to myself, searching up random things online and whatnot, just like Si is the function I tend towards using when by myself.

Inferior/Aspirational Te - KOREAN
I technically started learning Korean around the start of high school, but had to put it aside to focus on Japanese, so even now I'm always on and off about studying it. I decided that I would be a total perfectionist and log all of the vocabulary words I ever came across, which ended up being a really daunting task that kind of made me not want to consume content. So in a way, that was detrimental to my progress. Even now I have barely any experience actually speaking Korean since there's no way I can log all of the words in a natural conversation, and that makes it difficult for me to use it just like how difficult it is for me to use Te. (Although perfectionism is more Si than Te...)

Just some of my random thoughts I had to get down somewhere
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