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Hello world! This will be my first thread designed to help other people (as opposed to satisfying my own personal curiosity,) so I hope it's helpful. When I first got into all this typology stuff, I thought it was amazing! A revelation! I was so amazed that something like this existed out there, I had found a place where all my quirks were shared with the rest of the world. I think I spent two solid weeks reading various threads in the INFJ forum, and it was all so great.
Anyway, then I started to learn about cognitive functions *bla bla bla...*

So I will try my best to explain (generally for newbies) what I think are the three most important aspects to cognitive functions.

(In no particular order)
1. What each cognitive functions does
2. How Cognitive Functions Work (in relation to each other and their purpose)
3. Ordering Functions (The four letters > A chain consisting of all 8 functions.)

Let us begin.

There are 8 letters in the Myers Briggs Theory and they are as follows:

I - Introvert
E - Extravert
N - iNtuitive
S - Sensor
F - Feeling
T - Thinking
J - Judger
P - Perceiver

These are organized into pairs and you can only have one letter from each pair in your personality type.

I/E - Direction (I don't know if the pair has an official title, but Direction will do)

N/S - Perceiving Functions (P)

T/F - Judging Functions (J)

J/P - Organization (Official title unknown)

That will ALWAYS be the order for your four letter personality code.
(I/E) (N/S) (T/F) (J/P)
D, P, J, O, *using DPJO as variables*

The I/E and J/P pairs don't do much; however they are extremely important in ordering you functions, which makes a huge difference in your personality.

N, S, T, and F are all functions that will have two directions within itself, inward (Introverted) or outward (Extraverted).

These will look like this

Ni/Ne - iNtuition
Si/Se - Sensor
Ti/Te - Thinking
Fi/Fe - Feeling

i - Introverted
e - Extraverted

These functions can be further categorized into Pe, Pi, Je, Ji

Ne/Se - Extraverted Perceiving (Pe)
Si/Ni - Introverted Perceiving (Pi)
Te/Fe - Extraverted Judging (Je)
Ti/Fi - Introverted Judging (Ji)

They do this:

Or the simplified version

Ne - Gathers information on what could happen now
Se - Gathers information on what is there
Ni - Perceives how events will unfold through abstract reasoning
Si - Perceives how events will unfold based on the past
Te - Creates a social standard on based on how things work and are organized
Fe - Creates a social standard on how your emotions are connected to the external world
Ti - Dedicated to uncovering how things work and why
Fi - Dedicated to maintaining one's own emotions and ethics regardless of the external world

Pe - Responsible for gathering information
Pi - Responsible for determining outcomes
Je - Responsible for creating an appropriate social standard
Ji - Responsible for navigating the inner world of an individual

These functions work together to allow a human being to function in all aspects of life.

Pi needs Pe to determine outcomes
Ji needs Je to compare their inner world to the external one
and so forth

How to order functions

Lets take a random personality, ISFP

Our two most important letters here are S and F our perceiving and judging functions.

P: Sensor
J: Feeling

First off you look at the last letter,

P = Pe
J = Je

Since our last letter is a P, we will have Pe
We also have an S in our four letter personality type

Thus we have Se
make sense?

In our top two functions (In this case S & F) One will always be extraverted and one will always be introverted

Since we know that S is extraverted (Se) our F is going to be introverted, (Fi)

Our top two functions are now Se and Fi

Now we look at our first letter, an ISFP is an introvert so the top function will be Fi, the second function will be Se.


Those are our top two functions in that order.

Now, for the top four, the order will always be


Since our top function is a judgmental function, we will use the first order.

The only other perception function we have is iNtuition.

The only other Judging function we have is Thinking

Now to determine the direction of the functions, we alternate



So far so good.

now for the last four we just use the same functions but in the opposite direction.

We end up with

add the two, we get
ISFP: Fi>Se>Ni>Te>Fe>Si>Ne>Ti

Hope this helped. :happy:
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