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Hello everyone. I’ve always been very interested in neuroscience and cognitive science. Lately, I have been learning more about more about the subject, so I thought I should organize a thread based on it. I’ll update this thread every so often with new research that comes out, lectures, articles, and so on. I hope you will contribute some information of your own. Thanks.


Transform Your Brain, Transform Your Life with Richard J. Davidson

Your Brain at Work with David Rock

Think Faster and Better with Michael Merzenich

No Time to Think with David M. Levy

How the Mind Works (Part 1 of an audio book) with Stephen Pinker

The Stuff of Thought with Stephen Pinker

Computational Neuroscience of Categorization with Mark Gluck

Neuroscience of Emotions with Phillippe Goldin

Understanding the Brain: A work in progress with Professor Keith Kendrick

The Future Brain with Keith Kendrick

Explorations of the Mind: Intuition with Daniel Kahneman

Explorations of the Mind: Well-Being with Daniel Kahneman

The Neuroscience of Emotions with Kent Berridge, Richie Davidson and Daniel Gilbert

Human Brain Evolution with David J. Linden

The Science of Insight with Jonah Lehrer

Social Influences and Individual Choices with Mark Earls

The Neurological Basis of Behavior, the Mind, the Brain and Human Relationships with Dan Siegel

David Eagleman in Conversation on the brain


Peering Inside the Social Brain

The Brain, it makes you think.. doesn’t it?

Role of Meditation gains scientific support

(Note: Many of these topics cross into other fields like neurolinguistics and evolutionary psychology)

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How the Mind Works by Pinker, although quite dated now, was the book that made me take a degree in Neuroscience. I don't really have heroes, but he's about the closest that it gets for me.

Antonio Damasio (the feeling of what happens), Daniel C Dennett (consciousness explained) and William H Calvin (mosaics of the mind) are also very good authors (my favourite books of theirs in parenthesis).
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