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How did you all find friends at college?
I joined clubs as a freshman and met most of my good friends at this point through them. Unfortunately I realized later that my school had very little diversity in culture. So my unique tastes in music and whatnot kind of hindered my social life a bit.

What activities/organizations did you get involved in?
Stuff invovling community service and helping others, that's a good way to meet other NFs.

What was your social life like in college?
It's gone through phases, it's been different every semester so far. I've had a few good friends since the beginning, but the amount I've seen them and whatnot has varied depending on what all we were involved in. Sometimes I went out a lot, sometimes I kept to myself for weeks at a time.

Did you date in college?
Let me think about this for a second....NO. Don't be an idiot like me, just make eye contact and smile it's not that hard to meet a girl.

What did you major in and how did you choose your major?
Environmental Panning, it's a branch of the Geography major at my school. I've always been a geography person so that's how I stumbled into the department. I started off in this major then abruptly switched to Psychology for 2 semesters then abruptly switched back, but I'm almost done now so no more switching around.
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