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Hey guys, I just moved to college a few days ago and I would love to hear your INFP college experience and any advice you may have for a fellow INFP.

How did you all find friends at college?

Just by... being in college. The first good friend I made lived in my dorm. The other good one I met because we were in a lot of classes together as well as in the literary club. Also more casual friends you can meet by going to different clubs, activities, and school gatherings.

What activities/organizations did you get involved in?

The literary club was good because I met one of my good friends there (at the time I tested INTP and she was an INTP as well). A lot of writers are NF types. Also briefly a shakespeare production- (aren't INFPs supposed to be good at acting? hehe i think we can enjoy being in the spotlight). Also there are different groups based on ethnicity or religious affiliation, well basically whatever interest you can think of..

What was your social life like in college?

It was good the first semester. I finally found a best friend who accepted me for me. (I think in retrospect she was probably an INFP, ENFP or ENFJ) Then I went back home for the holidays to my ESFJ mom and ENTJ father and etc. and could not stand being "controlled" so I wanted a lot of alone time...which ended up in me kind of isolating myself.. Later on.. well I become more of a loner but that is another story..

Did you date in college?


What did you major in and how did you choose your major?

I did not pick a major for a long time. I switched schools and have finally chose a major I am very very happy with.

Also I think this: (BEING YOURSELF! :tongue:) VOL II: BE YOURSELF
to be important.
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