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I'm going to be finishing up my associates soon.
I'll then go for a bachelor's.

The university I want to transfer to has just adopted a philosophy major.
Philosophy is my largest passion in life. I enjoy ideas , thoughts, and thinking.
If I do this, I know that I'll grow tremendously in my mental ability (which is my highest aim).
I want to be able to think exceptionally well. I would think the training would allow me the skills.

Yet, philosophy is only great for law students. There are no law schools nearby.
Plus, I'm introvert and wouldn't enjoy the extraverted aspect of law anyway.
Other than that, philosophy is very difficult to do anything with.

Thus, I was thinking of just going into Psychology, as the university already has a great BA program.
With psychology, I'll learn a somewhat credible social science, learn to independently research, and actually have some reasonable prospects after graduation. Yet, it's not what I want to do.

Thus, I am stuck. Should I major in psychology and minor in philosophy (and then perhaps major in philosophy at some other point down the road). Or, should I just major in philosophy, take my chances, and then study psychology at some other point further down the road?

Any and all advice is welcome.
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Robinson's idea sounds like what I'd go with at this point. People forget college is as much about discovering yourself and meeting new people as it is about getting that piece of paper that says you are a success (imo)
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