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Ok here's another interesting thread I decided to create since I had a little thought on what the Four Temperament colours would be essentially.

NF's - Green
Well what do you know, the NF's or simply the idealists are colour green. Why may you ask this, well green usually is a colour associated with equality with humanity. Green is quite a vibrant colour and is usually associated with a personality that spots the best for themselves and others, quite the similarities ain't it?

NT's - Blue
Well, the NT's or rationalist are associated with Blue. Blue is usually interpreted to be a calm yet knowledgeable and wise colour. Unlike the the support a green colour offers, blue rather deals with tasks objectively.

SP's - Yellow
Yellow is a colour meaning spontaneous behaviour and optimism. Like yellow, SP's are filled with energy and activity

SJ's - Purple
Purple is usually associated with loyalty and ambition, which could be associated with the SJ's
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