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Come at me bro

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Well, it's only healthy to do some checking from time to time as I and @arkigos agreed upon.
Also, I just did the official test and the last time it said INTJ which was the result I used as evidence, but now it gave me another result, so yea.
I'd like to invite @Teybo to this as well. We might have had our differences in the past and disagreed upon how to go by typing people, but you seem to be quite accurate.
@myexplodingcat believes that not following a questionnaire more accurately displays your type so I won't use one this time (I like to get my hands dirty instead of just saying).

Anyways, I am now a 21 year old male from Sweden. I study social work at Mittuniversitetet in Östersund and I am currently about to start my 3rd semester (as a side note, semester actually means "vacation" in swedish).

That I am an introvert isn't really too big of a leap. I have no issue staying at home for long periods of time with limited human contact (as in only meeting people when going to the store and stuff). I am also really drained by the presence of other people, no matter how close we are.
I live in a family where my mother, father and sister are all sensors, my mother is an ISFP (unsure if she's an ISFP or ESFP atm), my father an ISTJ and my sister an ESFP.
I am a bit of an odd one out in my family as the women enjoy being social and being active, my father is always doing something in the house and I, I am just isolating myself in my room in front of my computer and dislike activities that forces me outside my room.
My mother likes to whine about me not being social enough and my father likes to comment on how unpractical I am (tho my father also makes the comment that I am better with people and stuff like that).

As far as entertainment comes, I enjoy discussions and (of course) games.
It's a bit ironic that my mother claims I am unsocial as on my train trip last week talked with an INFP friend of mine for probably at least 2 hours. It's really not that I am unsocial as much as trivial discussions bore me, I enjoy conversations where you get to know the other person and discuss ideas. Even my mother had to acknowledge when my ENTJ friend and I was talking that our discussion went to a depth that astonished her (and that she couldn't grasp).

My relationship with schedules is quite an unstable one. I like to have them as a kind of framework, but I want to move freely within it. It's really because I don't like demands tho and schedules creates a demand.
It's not as much that I don't want to do things tho as much as I can't think straight about some things some days.
But really tho, if you tell me that we should do a lot of things within a day, you will stress me up as much as if you wouldn't get to those places on time. Something I really hated and really stressed me up was when I and my INTP friend came to an agreement that we should meet 8:10 am for something that was gonna start 8:30 and he came 8:20 "because he didn't have to come earlier, we'd get on time anyways".

Also, people talk a lot about mercy vs justice and I will say like my INTP friend, when I was younger I couldn't handle doing anything bad, I always went for mercy, even in games I could reach the worst guy and if given a choice for justice or mercy I would choose mercy. These days tho, I am a lot more for justice.
An example of a game I recently played, you at a point catch a terrorist and you can choose to either kill the person or save them and I would choose save because I felt like then they could go to court instead. Tho in games like bioshock I would just save people because it would feel kinda horrible to kill those little girls out of greed.

Yes, I follow some strong values. It's not always visible, but some things touches me more than others. I for example have a real thing against the psychiatry and how they label normal people as being messed up because they don't fit into their view of a perfect society and because a lot of companies want to sell their drugs to get even more money. A lot of the things they label as disorders are just people who are different from them and in DSM V, grief is now a psychological disorder.
It's plain out silly these days.
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*A Wizard appears unto you...*

I have never stopped recalculating what your type is... honestly... and I still think INTJ. I think you are very objective with logic. I think Teybo is a good foil in that regard. Comparatively, and generally, you are very objective and inductive of other people's thought process. In fact, this very thread shows it. You set the standard impossibly high with your Ni... but you need to gather and induct the logical processes of others. Just like I try to force people to offer different perspectives to fuel my own process ... you want to see as much of other people's logic as you can.

At least that is the impression that I get. Teybo, for example, seems to internalize that process like I do.

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