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Discussion for comic series and graphic novels, since I couldn't find one scrolling through a few pages. There's a manga one, but not comics from a broader perspective. I'm relatively new to the comics scene; used to read the old JLA as a kid.
@Hotaru You said you had recommendations... give them to me :th_woot::kitteh:

I'm currently reading the Fables series started by Bill Willingham and the Sandman series by Gaiman. I'm about halfway through both of the series. I really like Fables because of that postmodern collision of the new and the old, modernizing the classic tales in the sense of pondering their lives in a real-world context, with a government, and a whole fascinating social structure. I've read Fairest in all the Land (the Cinderella murder mystery one) as well, and like the artwork in particular.

There's a bit of Raymond Chandler-esque and film noir in the Fables universe, a way of taking the more overtly idealistic aspirations of, say, fairy tales or grand narratives and bringing back to the ground level to the individual person.

Sandman, I love. I want to take my time with them, however and reserve comment for later.

Others I've read:
  • Killing Joke - meh, it's ok
  • Kingdom Come - Gorgeous, gorgeous artwork, first of all. I love these
  • Divided We Fall - My previous experience with comics is mostly a stack of trade paperback JLAs. This is my favorite, due to the way trust is handled amongst the League.

Stuff on my shelf that will read soon:
  • Sin City (complete - this book is massive)
  • The Red Son (superman)
  • The Sculptor by Scott McCloud (really looking forward to this one)
  • Watchmen
  • Death by Gaiman
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I quite enjoyed the Blacksad series. They're criminal stories with antropomorphic animals as characters, which actually works really well as a tool of showing more of their personalities. The narration is pretty decent and I loved the graphic style.
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