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Yeah, I'm aware of the fact that extroverts are less misunderstood than the introverts. After all, aren't about 75% of the population are filled with extroverts, which is about 3 out of every 4 people? (Edit: Apparently the true percentage of introverts to extroverts is 50.7% to 49.3%. This is most likely the modern world ratio, and the previous one I mentioned must be for good ol' America. :ambivalence:

Anyway, on to debunking extrovert myths! :redface:

1. Extroverts are always going out.
Although extroverts may not seem to enjoy alone time, there are definitely some times when an extrovert just needs to get away from the world. However, it's usually in smaller doses and in different ways than that of introverts. It could be like listening to music in a coffee shop, or going out to see a movie by yourself. No matter what the method is, every personality needs some R&R.

2. Extroverts are shallow and attention-seeking.
Extroverts and introverts just have different ways of processing information. It's an unfortunate assumption that just because extroverts enjoy chit-chat and meeting tons of different people, they're perceived as shallow. Extroverts love meeting new people so they can expand their views; they learn best when interacting with anything outside of them.

3. Extroverts are bad listeners.
I'll say this again even though I mentioned it previously; just like public speaking, listening is another skill that must be obtained and perfected in order for it to have any value at all. Extroverts can be just as good as introverts when it comes to hearing people out. Extroverts also tend to think out loud, which helps them take in information and reach accurate conclusions.

4. Extroverts love public speaking.
Everyone is different, no matter if they're an extrovert or not. Just because extroverts are seen as sociable and charismatic, doesn't mean they're all going to enjoy speaking in front of others. Public speaking is a common fear for lots of people. Extroverts have limits like everyone else, and that's OK. :tongues:

5. Extroverts are happier than introverts.
Just because extroverts are the social butterflies of the world, doesn't make them automatically happier than introverts. Happiness has nothing to do with personality type. Happiness can be found in different ways for different people. Whether it's partying with close friends or making catchy pop music by yourself, doing what makes you happy can result in you being an overall healthier person. :smile:

OK, I think I'm getting the hang of writing more frequently now. It's becoming a bit more effortless now, slowly but steadily.
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