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This post will compare the multiple differences between 127, 137 and 147 tritypes.

The 3 tritypes concerned with having ONE and SEVEN fixes (127, 137 and 147) display those behavioral and psychological patterns :

• Anger and gluttony merge into a internally conflicted, unpredictable and frustrated personality. People who have this combination have often opposing tendencies ingrained to them : one energy pulls toward structure and standards, the other one tend toward fun and excitement;

• Double frustration stance ; the need to feel that life isn't going to fulfill and satisfy its own wishes and wants is enhanced;

• Conflicted, idealistic and irritated energy;

• A very fluctuating neutral energy that swings between order and chaos;

• The structure-building, conscience-driven ONE is very at odds with the experience-driven, insatiable SEVEN;

• The is a very great conflict between the ONE's need to be compliant to its inner critic and the SEVEN's need to be freed from any constraint;

• Most likely combination to be seen as having dramatic ups and downs, and being in contradiction with itself;

Differences Between Archetypes :

Emotional Rapports

• 127s want to create harmony at all time and love to be part of a social grouping because they feel needed and appreciated;

• 137s care more about the overall impression that they can give to others instead of actually creating emotional bonds and showing their vulnerabilities;

• 147s often want special and unique relationship in which they can share their inner thougths and emotions;

Productivity Levels

• 127s can be very productive but only if they are in a positive and supportive environment, otherwise they can quickly be demoralized and depressed;

• 137s is the most productive out of the three archetypes. Once they focus on teir goals and adapt to their environment, only boredom can deter them from working;

• 147s are often erratic in their productivity levels since they are prone to mood swings and bouts of melancholy because they are sometimes overfocusing on their internal needs;


• 127s can be quite creative in order to solve social and relationship issues. They love to come up with interesting methods to get people to get along;

• 137s are ingenious people in the sense that they put their creativy in service to their need for recognition and hard work. They can come up with great ideas when dealing with an opportunity to be productive;

• 147s are very creative in the most classic sense of the word, meaning that they often have artistic flair to their senses and know how to transform an ordinary work to an unusual piece;

Potential Problems

• 127s can oscillate too frequently between the need to keep things positive and fun and a more rigid and controlling attitude. This dichotomy can be hard to balance and may account for considerable internal tension that needs to be addressed. Additionally, they can make light of a situation when it could have been better taking it more seriously and vice versa. This very positive tritype may hide its pain and negativity in order to avoid rejection and disconnect from their environment;

• 137s are very perfectionnistic and with that comes very high ideals that are often hard to keep up with. This can make this person very difficult to work with because of their tendency to swing between their need for structure and innovation, giving them a somethat unpredictable nature. Like their fellow ONE + THREE tritypes, they can be overly focused on their work, but become more quickly irritated if the tasks are too repetitive and boring. Their constant need for change and variety can make them frustrated and tense if nothing goes according to their vision;

• 147s' ideas and goals can be so out there and original that can be considered farfetched and unrealistic to an outsider's eye. While this archetype can see what's missing and know how to implement structure and set out goals to reach what they envision, they often skip important details and stay engrossed into their own imagination without considering the actual facts that they might see as boring and/or obstructing. Also, this tritype is know known to be easy to work with because of their very high standards and moody or unpredictable attitude, which can be problematic when they work on an extended project or in teams;

Patterns & Structure

• 127s are triple other-oriented and teaching. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that need to be in contact with people and provide helpful information in a fun way regardless of the subtype their lead with. They are definitively people persons that like to connect with people and almost always want to help people look at things in a new, better angle, making them energetic and optimistic. Self-preservation with this subtype are excellent at providing concrete support and enjoying life at its simplest form. They aren't as demanding and spiritual as the other two subtypes and thus respect their limits more. Sexual dominants with this tritype are idealists who often want to reform and mold the world to their liking. They are less in touch with reality but often have tremendous charisma and energy to accomplish what they want. They tend to become very frustrated with outside limitations and can become moody more easily. Social 127s are quite sunny in character but can view their sin of gluttony as a hindrance to their ideals and consequently try to avoid showing it in public. They are usually very active and involved in numerous group activities and like to add their optimisitic viewpoint to the table;

• 137s are triple perfectionnistic and improving. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that prefer to ask itself ''what can be done better'' and outperform others by pure ingenuity. They like to seek opportunities to promote themselves and present their work in a fun and creative way. They always have the eye to see that something might be better and/or more effective than what it is at its current state. Self-preservation subtypes are very industrious and practical in their work. They are also known to be opportunistic and clever in getting the right contacts to give out the best outcome. Overall a very outgoing variant. The Sexual dominant is very idealistic and bizarrely dreamy too! They are the least practical and savvy of all three subtypes and care more about pleasing and seducing others while also having a controlling stance in private. They can be enigmatic and a bit eccentric since the subtype don't mix well with the archetype. Finally, the social variant is more concerned with keeping an innovative and sustaining image while keeping their enthousiasm in check. Social recognition is often very important to this tritype and they need to maintain a pure, incorruptible persona to the world;

• 147s are triple idealistic and vision. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that want to look past the initial expectation of a product or a concept and develop it further, pushing its boundaries to create something unique, novel and exceptional. They whatever the subtype, they are passionate in what they do and don't want to be put any limit to their creativity besides their own. Self-preservation variant are mellower than the other two subtypes and can be a bit more down-to-earth. They like to entertain and are creative hard workers who can still be quite perfectionistic because of the ONE fix. Sexual subtype with this archetype is truly an intense combination that is extremely passionate and imaginative. They dream big and want to do big too. The ONE/FOUR combination here is quite amplified with the firery touch of the one-to-one variant. They can be very controlling and finicky when they get a picture of what they want to produce. Finally, the social subtype is more socially aware and often has a political or societal message behind their work. The ONE side is often stronger here because of the counter-gluttony SEVEN with this instinct. This can make them more willing to follow rules and teach people about how to use their vision and creative talents;

Potential Mistypes

• Sexual THREES with a 137 tritype can look like a 147 because of the countertype's access to their emotional life;

• Self-preservation FOURS with a 147 tritype can be mistaken as a 137 again because of the countertype's tendency to go against their core sin (in this case, showing envy);

• Self-preservation TWOS with a 127 tritype can look like a 147 because they are more in touch with their needs than the other two subtypes;

• Social SEVENS with a ONE fix can look like a SIX at times since they are counter-gluttony and are more socially aware than the other two subtypes;


• 127s' most common MBTI types are : ESFJ (217), ENFJ (271), ENFP (721) and sometimes ESFP (721). There aren't a lot of introverted or thinking Myers Briggs types with this tritype. The only introverted type that could fit the bill is INFJ (217);

• 137s' most common tritypes are ENTP (731), ESTP (731), ENTJ (713) and sometimes ENFP (731) or ESTJ (137). This is a very extroverted tritype so introverted Myers Briggs types aren't very common. Both perceiving and judging types can be found here but most of them are either NT or SP. Very few feeling types too;

• 147s' most common MBTI types are : ENFP (741), ENTP (714), ENFJ (174), INFP (471), INFJ (417) and sometimes INTP (471). They aren't much sensing types with this tritype and this archetype is very represented with NP types. SJ types are rare with this tritype;

Miscellaneous Differences

• 127s are very upbeat and can gloss over more dull or sad situations which isn't much the case with 147s;

• 137s are very good at looking at the small details and the big picture, while 127s and especially 147s aren't that good at it naturally;

• 147s is the most tense and inner conflicted tritype. They have frequents ups and down and must shift their perspective fairly often in order to keep their vision fresh. This is less the case for 127s and 137s;

• 127s are the most patient with people (out of the three archetypes) while 137s and 147s can often see others as being obstructive and dull;

• 137s' main goal is to impress in one way or another by making something unique and worth promoting; 127s don't like to be too much goal-oriented and want connections with people first;

• 147s are very good at seeing what's missing in an area and can muster all their creative juices in order to make their vision a reality, while 127s focus more on creating relationships and learning through entertainment;

• 127s are the best archetype in relation to teaching something to people. While 137s and 147s can teach too, they don't have the same breath and scope of the 127s and like to specialize more;

• 127s are the archetypal primary school teacher, while 137s are the archetypal engineer and 147s are the quintessential designer;

• 147s can be great at forecasting and predicting the new trends and habits of tomorrow, a quality is not shared by 127s;

• 137s make excellent sellers and promoters since they are opportunistic and daring; this is less the case for 127s.
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