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This post will compare the multiple differences between 259, 269 and 279 tritypes.

The 3 tritypes concerned with having TWO and NINE fixes (259, 269 and 279) display those behavioral and psychological patterns :

• Pride and Sloth merge into a very gentle and helpful character that hides its pride sin better than other gut type combinations. They want to be noticed and loved in a very unintrusive way and can be very patient with that need;

• Double positive outlook stance ; the need to keeping things light, positive and reframing problems is enhanced

• Soft, helpful and congenial energy;

• Probably the most feminine combination, even when it's a man that has it;

• The relationship-oriented and intimacy-seeking TWO is tempered by the need for harmony and peace of the NINE;

• There's a conflict between the need to come towards people and befriend them (TWO) and the need to push back and relax alone (NINE);

• Most likely combination to be seen as unthreatening, welcoming and nurturing;

Differences Between Archetypes :


• 259s are helpful often in a specific area or niche aspect. They like to take their time and analyse a task or a person that needs helping;

• 269s are the most helpful tritype there is. They are almost always ready to help and lend a hand in a variety of tasks and are vigilant in the way they help;

• 279s like to help in fun, entertaining way. Their energy is often contagious and they love looking at different perspective when they are helping people;

Fields of Interests

• 259s are good at understanding the root of a problem and trying to solve its ramifications harmoniously. They are also great at doing menial, repetitive tasks (especially if SJ);

• 269s are more aware of their environment than 259s and thus work great in teams and somewhat fast-paced jobs;

• 279s can be bored easily with office jobs so they need regular change in their environment. They can make one of the best entertainers (clowns, showpeople, gameshow hosts, etc.);

Energy Levels

• 259s has one of the lowest presence and energy levels of all archetypes. They need regular quiet time alone and in their head in order to feel fine;

• 269s are somewhat in between 259s and 279s in energy levels; they like being with people but don't like being the center of attention;

• 279s have the highest energy of all TWO + NINE combinations. They can be really excited easily and loves to show their enthousiam;

Potential Problems

• 259s may have a hard time being taken seriously a times because of their unassertiveness and overall gentleness. They are also one of the most prone tritypes to be exploited for their giving character and meek demeanor. Because of that, they may avoid stating their opinion or flat out start believing that they don't matter unless they make people happy (a ONE wing, either from NINE or TWO, exacerbate those tendencies);

• 269s biggest issue is about expressing their concerns and opinions about something. As they don't like to rub people the wrong way, they can be too accepting and allow people to walk over themselves relentlessly. They also can be too passive and don't assert themselves when they should, causing some folk to be angry at them. They need to understand that expressing opinions and being more active aren't something outside of their capacities;

• 279s, in order to keep them from being separate from others, often accept too much from people's behaviors and may be walked all over because of this. Also, because they are so positive, they cannot accept painful situations readily and can try anything to postpone negative outcomes. If they know how to view the actual usefulness of taking the time to look a problems and the impact they have on their long-term relationships, they usually stop being avoidant about them;

Patterns & Structure

• 259s are triple removed and conflict avoiding. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that tries to get along with people without making a wave of any sort and keep a low profile. While 459 are sometime considered the shyest tritype, it is really the 259 that fits the bill better, as they are harder to convince to assert themselves. They mostly opt for being an observer and connect to people in a very unintrusive way. This tritype often have a dominant self-preservation instinct in their stacking and that makes them even more removed from their environment. With sp dom, they often display a slight childlike nature from the TWO fix and they can unintentionally be overprotected by they vulnerable look. For sexual variants, this tritype can be a little more needy and seeks to merge with a potential partner (NINE fix). This variant can also make really good one-on-one counselors or romance novelists. Finally, social variants are a bit more extroverted and intellectual, especially leading with FIVE. This 259 is more participating and engaging than the other two variants and can thus mistype more easily with other more outgoing tritypes;

• 269s are triple people focused and the most helping tritype. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that focus on maintaining good contacts with people and try ease out pain and social alienation by keeping a nice persona. They almost always want to be seen as helpful and uncomplicated in order to get personal motivation in being part of others' lives. People who have a dominant self-preservation subtype like to help in practical ways and are the most humble of all variants. They are also the least assertive and openly aggressive too. Social variants are a bit more gregarious and can be a bit more rigid and energetic in regards to the way they help. They need to be seen when giving out their time and energy to people and can be mistyped as a more outgoing and assertive tritype because of that. Finally, sexual variant doesn't mesh well with typical descriptions of this tritype, as they are more emotionally dependant and sensitive to being rejected from their intimate partners;

• 279s are triple positive outlook and upbeat. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that try to look at a situation or a problem by reframing and shifting the frame of reference into a more positive light, often by minimizing its impact or dangerosity. Self-preservation subtype with this tritype is less airy and a bit more pragmatic in the outlook department, while still being very mellow and optimistic. They prefer not to bother with complicated issues and look forward from having enjoyable physical experiences. Sexual variants are more idealistic and may wish to partake in a magical or emotional fusion with their partners. They are the ones who suffer the most from being separate from intimates. Finally, social subtypes of this archetype are a bit more responsible and want to participate to the greater good of society (especially with a ONE wing);

Possible Mistypes

• Social SEVENS with a 279 tritype might be tempted towards looking at 269 because of the pureness and the morality of the subtype (especially with a SIX wing);

• Self-preservation NINES with social last in the stacking with a 269 tritype can look like a 259 because of the lack of immediate attention for the group security;

• Self-preservation TWOS with a 269 tritype may also look like a 259 archetype because of the more selfish, inward focus of the subtype;

• Sexual TWOS with a 269 tritype can be seen as a 279 because of the seducing, libertine aspect of the subtype;


• 259s most common MBTI types are : ISFJ (925), ISTJ (952), INFJ (529) and sometimes INFP (952) or ISFP (925); it's very rare to find extroverted Myers Briggs types with this archetype and somewhat uncommon to see thinking types too. The former will almost always lead with TWO and the latter with FIVE;

• 269s most common MBTI types are : ISFJ (926), ISTJ (962), ESFJ (269) and sometimes ISFP (926) and INFP (926); it's rare to find extroverted Myers Briggs types with this tritype (other than ESFJ) and extremely rare to find NT types;

• 279s' most common MBTI types are : ESFP (729), ENFP (729), ESFJ (279), ENFJ (279) and possibly ISFP (927). Thinkers with this tritype aren't very common, unless it's ENTP, neither are introverted types. Most of the MBTI types with this archetypes are extroverted feelers (ExFx).

Miscellaneous Differences

• 269s are more people-oriented while 279 are more experience-oriented;

• While are three tritypes may be passive, 259s retreat inside their head when feeling anxiety, 269s panic (flee or freeze) and search for an outside solution and 279s avoid or reframe the problem altogether;

• 259s are the warm, dimly lit candle that helps you read a book at night; 269s are the soft and trusty doggy that wants to cuddly and comfort you; 279s are the bright, colorful birthday decorations that gets you excited and gleeful;

• 269s can sometimes define themselves by their helpful nature while this is slightly less of a case for 259s and 279s;

• 279s are the most uncomfortable with dreariness and boredom; 269s and 259s can both tolerate it better;

• 269s are very thrustworthy and responsible with their work and friends; 259s can sometimes be a bit more independent and 279s can change their schedule at the last minute for something more interesting;

• 279s are more comfortable with change and fast-paced environment; this is less so for 269s and even less for 259s;

• 259s are one of the best listeners of the whole 27 tritypes; 279s have a harder time keeping their attention at bay, unless they really like the person they're with;

• 269s have a tendency to be workaholics and have a hard time saying to others; 279s value their enjoyment more and 259s value their downtime more;

• 279s instinctively know how to interact and play with situations/people; 259s and 269s need more structure and preps to do the same.
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