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This post will compare the multiple differences between 458, 459 and 145 tritypes.

The 3 tritypes concerned with having FOUR and FIVE fixes (458, 459 and 145) display those behavioral and psychological patterns :

• Envy and Avarice merge into a very private, introspective and sensitive personality. People with this combination prefer to live through their imagination and have a hard time getting through action in the real world;

• Double Withdrawn stance : the need for saving up personal energy and straying away from overwhelming stimulation is increased;

• Quiet, meditative, emotional and cerebral energy;

• Leaning toward feminine energy;

• Sensitivity and attachment to emotional states of FOUR is at odds with the detached, aloof stance of FIVE;

• There is a conflict between the FOUR’s need to explore their emotional self and the FIVE’s need to maintain a neutral, unbiased stance;

• Most likely combination to be seen as introverted, solitary and removed from its environment;

Differences between Archetypes

Relation to Anger

• 458s can become quite upfront and adamant about what they know. They usually don’t shy away of debates and like to confront other’s ideas;

• 459s are the least comfortable with aggression and therefore can brush off external attempts to get a response from them. They can become unmovable and shy when stressed;

• 145s don’t like it when people don’t follow the same rigorous steps of information gathering and analyzing as they do. They can become frustrated and nitpicky with unmotivated and sloppy people;

Personal Strengths

• 458s are the best at developing personal views and theories, particularly philosophy and/or politics. They love to delve into specific topics and defend their ideas;

• 459s can really observe and contemplate their inner life and understand themselves better than any other tritypes;

• 145s are the best at further refining concepts and theories in their respective framework and mapping out uncharted territories thanks to their razor-sharp intellect;

Control from the Environment

• 458s are extremely independent and don’t like uncalled external help that can be interpreted as coercive and controlling;

• 459s are less likely be confrontative and prefer to quietly avoid or ignore people that try to assert control onto them;

• 145s are more likely to quietly exert control over their own beliefs and what they perceive as adequate and may try to coerce people into using the same methodology as them;

Potential Problems

• 458s may run the risk of being too closed minded and argumentative about what they know to be the truth. Since they look at things very thoroughly, they can use their knowledge as a weapon, attacking any differing minds with it. Also, this tritype isn't the best communicator in the sense that they can be curt and a bit rude about information that they perceive as superficial or incomplete. The also tend to keep their language peppered with complicated and/or posh terms that might confuse people. They may need to be more open-minded and understand that people don't understand things the same way as they do and often are satisfied with more simple answers;

• 459s have a hard time exerting their thoughts and feeling to people. They need regular quiet time in order to recharge and feel at ease with their environment. Because of this, they can appear invisible, forgettable and distant. One big exception is the Social subtype, which can look more outgoing but only in specific times and places and will typically choose to talk about their preferred topics of interest;

• 145s can be so identified in pursuing additional knowledge and getting accurate information that this dauting task can become exhausting and leave you irritating and intolerant of outside advices. This tritype is also very critical and prone to correct others in their observations, making it frequently unliked and annoying if this attitude is persistent in time. Given that this archetype also tends to be very withdrawn and value their alone time, they should try giving others the benefit of the doubt and allow themselves to be educated freely and not only by verifiable sources;

Patterns & Structure

• 458s are triple independent thinker. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that want to come up with an idiosyncratic view or answer to look up information and learn about their environment and themselves. This means that they can be very selective about accepting information from an outside source, especially if they are knowledgeable in said subject. When combining this tritype with the self-preservation instinct, this gives off a pretty introverted and solitary character. This combination is probably the most independent one of all, especially when leading with FIVE or EIGHT. They are very focused on survival and can be very wise about subject such as existentialism or life and death in general. Sexual subtypes are more passionate as always but with this archetype, the accent is on sharing intimacy with one romantic partner. They can give everything and even sacrifice themselves for their partner in exchange for eternal faithfulness. Social subtypes are somewhat at odds with this tritype. They like to be seen as the wise and resourceful person of the group and can even be the silent leader orchestrating everything in the background. They might not always feel up to the task though, even if they can hide it well;

• 459s, as mention above, are triple Withdrawn. This means that this archetype has all 3 enneatypes in each center of intelligence that need to go away from the outside world in order to recharge and conserve their energy. This tritype feels easily drained by external contact and prefer to limit their interaction with it. People with this archetype might feel vulnerable and unable to take on action and thus prefer to engage more in the realm of imagination. This tritype is most compatible with a dominant Self-Preservation subtype and most at odds with a Social subtype. Socials with this tritype wants connections and a sense of belonging but feels the pressure of the group's expectations the most and think they can't take on the responsibilities. SP people are the most reclusive, energy-retentive folks of the whole damn enneagram. They are the least emotionally and verbally expressive of the 459s. Sexual subtypes are usually intense and seek fusion with their intimates. They might live off their passion through their work (if paired with secondary SP);

• 145s are triple analytical and studying. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that need to search a subject in depth, both intellectually and emotionally in order to come to an accurate and detailed conclusion. They can't be satisfied with normal or readily found data, as they want to be as precise as possible in order to develop their competency and find new info that might have been overlooked. Self-preservation subtypes with this tritype are very withdrawn and independent, preferring to keep their interests private and often live in frugality. The five influence is usually very strong with this subtype since the FOUR fix here is the countertype and doesn't readily express their emotions like the other two subtypes and the ONE fix is very removed from its anger, expressing more anxiety for perfection. Sexual subtypes are very intense and passionate and often feel compelled to research about taboo or bizarre subjects that make them feel connected to the human body in some way. They have a combination of prickly and passionate attitude that make them quite magnetic even though they want privacy too like the self-preservation subtype. They love to have deep and detailed conversations with their loved ones. Finally, social dominants with this subtype are very rigid and have a lot of shoulds about what should be actually considered correct and meaningful information. They are often interested in metaphysics and/or spiritual fields that make them feel unique and superior of some sort. They love to teach and could make a terrific college professor;

Possible Mistypes

• Sexual FOURS with a 145 tritype may mistype as a 458 because of their passionate nature and their easier access to anger than the other subtypes;

• Self-preservation EIGHTS with a NINE wing and a 458 archetype can identify with the 459 tritype as they are usually more introverted and a little bit less outspoken than the other subtypes;

• Sexual ONES with a 145 tritype as often mistaken as a 458 archetype because of the subtype’s easier access with anger;

• Sexual FIVES with a SIX wing and a 459 or 145 tritype may look like a 458 archetype, possibly because of the slightly feistier behavior of the wing and subtype;


• 458s' most common MBTI types are : INTJ (548), ENTJ (854), INFJ (458) and sometimes INFP (458) and INTP (548). This tritype is rarely associated with sensing types (only ISTP could be a possibility). This archetype is mostly found within NTJs;

• 459s most common MBTI types are : INFP (495), INFJ (459), INTP (594) and sometimes ISFP (945); It is exceedingly rare to find an extroverted Myers Briggs type with this archetype and when it does happen, it is mostly ENFPs or ENTPs;

• 145s' most common MBTI types are : INFJ (451), INTJ (514), INTP (541) and sometimes INFP (451). This tritype is most commonly found within introverted intuitive and are more rarely found elsewhere. ISTJ could be a potential sensing example here. Lots of judging types too;

Miscellaneous Differences

• 459s are more passive and agreeable than 145s and 458s;

• 458s are usually more passionate and show more emotions than 145s when arguing or discussing what they like;

• 145s are more studious and thorough in their work than 459s who can allow themselves to daydream more;

• 459s are less likely to openly express their personal opinion over a sensitive subject, unlike 458s and maybe 145s;

• 145s are more likely to correct others on accuracy of facts and/or form than 459s and 458s;

• 458s fields of interests can be quite dark and unusual compared to 459s who are less likely to like extremes;

• 459s are less hardnosed and practical than 458s;

• 145s may be more refined and particular in their personal tastes ; 458s are a bit more rough or grim-looking and 459s are a bit more conventional on the outside;

• 458s can be menacing and daunting in their overall demeanor, while 459s are rarely intimidating.

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