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This post will compare the multiple differences between 478, 479 and 147 tritypes.

The 3 tritypes concerned with having FOUR and SEVEN fixes (478, 479 and 147) display those behavioral and psychological patterns :

• Envy and Gluttony merge into a fantasy-prone, childish and emotionally changeable personality. Those three archetypes have a natural tendency to listen to their own muse and be very creative and imaginative.

• Double frustration stance ; the need to feel that life isn't going to fulfill and satisfy its own wishes and wants is enhanced;

• Dissatisfied, impatient and moody energy;

• A mix of feminine and masculine energy;

• The emotion-ridden, sensitive FOUR it at odds with the upbeat, experience-oriented SEVEN;

• There is a great contradiction with FOUR’s need to deepen and attach to emotional experiences and the SEVEN’s need to avoid pain and negativity in favor or positive feelings;

• Most likely combination to be considered capricious, changeable and imaginative;

Differences Between Archetypes :

Expressing Creativity

• 478s are the most creative tritype and will do whatever they can to produce something they have in mind. They are very independent and often have a one-track mind;

• 479s are also very creative but can stay stuck in the conceptual phase for too long. Their laziness and fear of conflict can make them uneasy about completing something;

• 147s want their ideas and projects to match their ideals perfectly, and thus can be overly focused on details and consequently stuck on the developing part for too long;


• 478s are one of the most self-reliant of all archetypes and therefore can be seen as uncooperative and aloof to most people. They hate to make compromises to their inner vision;

• 479s can accept help more easily, especially if said help is for facilitating putting their ideas into a concrete way to implement them;

• 147s express their independence by insisting on achieving new standards of excellence and adhering to internal rules in order to create something in a perfect and novel fashion;


• 478s are very active and don’t like to stay idle for too long. Their intuition is often linked to their instinctive nature and therefore can follow their gut feeling quite easily;

• 479s can be passive compared to the other two archetypes and often find themselves not going through their ideas long enough and become a bit frustrated;

• 147s are active if they have a certain structure in mind in order to sort out their ideas and arrange them to their liking; chaos is quite disturbing for them;

Potential Problems

• 478s are the least cooperative of all 27 tritypes because they need to see and experience everything their own way. They may seek freedom in every situation and might feel easily trapped when conforming to a certain way of operating things. They also tend to overly believe in their capacity to change a situation and not take into consideration other's input, which might cause them to be perceived as arrogant and opinionated. Finally, they tend to follow what's inspire them only, leaving out uninteresting stuff that can be useful for later;

• 479s can bottle-up their creative potential for too long and end up feeling dissatisfied and bitter at life in general. They should try implementing a daily dose of structure into their routine because they tend to focus too much on the agreeable and the positive side of things and not focusing on personal work. They can also be easily contented and therefore avoid pushing themselves to create something truly great;

• 147s' ideas and goals can be so out there and original that can be considered farfetched and unrealistic to an outsider's eye. While this archetype can see what's missing and know how to implement structure and set out goals to reach what they envision, they often skip important details and stay engrossed into their own imagination without considering the actual facts that they might see as boring and/or obstructing. Also, this tritype isn’t known to be easy to work with because of their very high standards and moody or unpredictable attitude, which can be problematic when they work on an extended project or in teams;

Patterns & Structure

• 478s are triple creative and innovative. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that want to forge their own path in life and making their dreams a reality. They are often called trailblazers because they like to go off the beaten path in order to create their own reality. They are very independent and use their intuition to help other people see things differently, often by letting them see all the possibilities that can unfold from one decision. The self-preservation subtype is less flamboyant and more practical than the other two subtypes. They want to maintain their independence and enjoy life to the fullest while creating. While they have access to their emotions, they tend to disregard them if they take too much negative space in their lives. Sexual variants are the most magical and intense and want to make things happen quickly with panache. Like all sexual subtypes, then tend to be deeply involved in their intimate relationships and may want to search for the ideal partner. They can also fall in love with their ideas and aren't always grounded. The social subtype is more protective and feel they're on a mission to help people understand the world differently. They like to communicate their enthusiasm but can be a little less independent than the sexual and self-preservation variants.

• 479s are triple Magical or Imaginative. This means that this archetype has all 3 enneatypes in each center of intelligence that need to create an internal framework of possibilities in order to sense a purpose in their lives. They like to see things in a new light and can idealize their views into thinking their way is more pleasant therefore it's better. This is the most positive FOUR, the most introverted SEVEN and the most unusual NINE. Sexual subtypes with this archetype are extremely imaginative and passionate about their work. They can even merge with their passion and shove aside more menial tasks or leave out boring details for the big picture. Self-Pres are more grounded and practical and can be more focused on simple pleasures of life than grand gestures like the Sexual one. The Social subtype is more ambiguous and can sacrifice a lot of its internal desires in order to fit the group's agenda.

• 147s are triple idealistic and vision. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that want to look past the initial expectation of a product or a concept and develop it further, pushing its boundaries to create something unique, novel and exceptional. They whatever the subtype, they are passionate in what they do and don't want to be put any limit to their creativity besides their own. Self-preservation variant are mellower than the other two subtypes and can be a bit more down-to-earth. They like to entertain and are creative hard workers who can still be quite perfectionistic because of the ONE fix. Sexual subtype with this archetype is truly an intense combination that is extremely passionate and imaginative. They dream big and want to do big too. The ONE/FOUR combination here is quite amplified with the fiery touch of the one-to-one variant. They can be very controlling and finicky when they get a picture of what they want to produce. Finally, the social subtype is more socially aware and often has a political or societal message behind their work. The ONE side is often stronger here because of the counter-gluttony SEVEN with this instinct. This can make them more willing to follow rules and teach people about how to use their vision and creative talents;

Possible Mistypes

• Sexual FOURS with a THREE wing and a 479 or a 147 tritype can easily be mistyped as a 478 archetype because of the more flamboyant and fiery personality of the wing and subtype;

• Social EIGHTS with a 478 tritype may confuse their social drive coming from their subtype with the ONE’s need to show the example and achieve perfection and choose their archetype as being 147;

• Sexual ONES with a TWO wing and a 147 tritype can look like a 478 since this subtype has an easier access to their angry emotions, which is also the case for the sexual TWO wing;

• Social NINES, especially with a ONE wing and a 479 tritype might mistype themselves as 147;


• 478s' most common MBTI types are : ENFP (748), INFP (478), ENTP (784) and sometimes INTP (748) or ENFJ (874). This is mostly an NF or perceiving preference tritype, as not many sensing or judging types are found to be this tritype;

• 479s most common MBTI types are : ENFP (749), INFP (497), ENFJ (794) and sometimes ENTP (794). It is uncommon to have Judging types with this tritype, especially TJs.

• 147s' most common MBTI types are : ENFP (741), ENTP (714), ENFJ (174), INFP (471), INFJ (417) and sometimes INTP (471). They aren't much sensing types with this tritype and this archetype is very represented with NP types. SJ types are rare with this tritype;

Miscellaneous Differences

• 147s might not always listen to their intuition because of the ONE fix deeming them as not appropriate at times; 478s are almost always connected to their gut feelings;

• 479s will sacrifice their creative energy for maintaining harmony and peace while 478s will ignore dissident voices and push through their ideas;

• 479s are sloppier and cut corners more readily when performing assigned workload compared to 147s;

• 147s want people to give out their best while 479s want them to be at ease and free of any painful experiences;

• 478s’ communication style is more straightforward and less hesitant than 479s and less flowery and/or complex than 147s;

• 478s are more rebellious and free thinkers than 147s who in turn will follow some internal rules;

• 478s often create in bursts of energy, letting their inspiration guide them freely, while 147s will further refine their ideas until they are considered worthy of creating;

• 147s are more internally tense and oscillating between control and chaos than 479s and 478s;

• 479s focus very much on the positive side of things in public while 147s allow more negativity and nuance to their outlook;

• 479s are less outspoken and decisive than 478s in their speech.

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• 147s are active if they have a certain structure in mind in order to sort out their ideas and arrange them to their liking; chaos is quite disturbing for them;
• 147s are more internally tense and oscillating between control and chaos than 479s and 478s;
Could you elaborate on how 147s are oscillating between control and chaos? I don't quite get this part. what is an example of how this may manifest irl?

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Could you elaborate on how 147s are oscillating between control and chaos? I don't quite get this part. what is an example of how this may manifest irl?
The line between ONE and SEVEN links two opposite concepts together : the ONE part needs to shape and refine its environment to its specific standards (control) and the SEVEN part emphazises the need to explore the numerous sensations and by mentally stimulated by them. When ONE and SEVEN meet in a tritype they automatically bring out those two opposite forces front and center, thus the individual can be torn between the need for control and chaos. This can bring a lot of anxiety and irritation since when they want to indulge and enjoy what their environment has to offer (SEVEN), they can't seem to be able to completely let go and relax because of the ONE's sense of duty and strong superego. On the other hand, if they want to be build and make something worthy of their time (ONE), the SEVEN energy jumps in telling them that it must be enjoyable and fun in order for the mind to be completely invested in it. While we could argue that every tritype brings about this kind of push-pull energy at times, this is really amplified witht this ONE-SEVEN line and even moreso with the 147 tritype precisely because of the additional need for FOUR to create something meaningful and deep.
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