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This post will compare the multiple differences between 279, 379 and 479 tritypes.

The 3 tritypes concerned with having SEVEN and NINE fixes (279, 379 and 479) display those behavioral and psychological patterns :

• Gluttony + Sloth merge into a pleasure-seeking tendency to avoid going through all the effforts into completing a task or following goals. Sometimes the satisfaction of imagination is all that matter to be content momentarily with itself;

• Double positive outlook stance ; the need to keeping things light, positive and reframing problems is enhanced.

• Soft, pleasing and happy energy;

• Can display a bit of a feminine energy, even when male;

• The pattern-forming, monkey-mind SEVEN is tempered with the peaceful energy of the NINE;

• Tension between the need for adventure and the foward-thinking of SEVEN and the mellow, peace-seeking attitude of NINE;

• This combination is not comfortable with negativity and being too serious for too long. They prefer to minimize problems in order to stay in an upbeat mood.

• Most likely combination to escape through fantasy in order to avoid current problems and tasks to do.

Differences Between Archetypes :

Positivity Levels

• 279s are one of the most positive tritypes, but can easily be prone to negative feelings if being rejected or disapproved of;

• 379s are even more positive than 279 because of the need for maintaining their positive and can-do persona at all costs;

• 479s hide their sadness in order to remain positive. They tend to suffer in silence because they don't want to appear as negative to others;

Communication skills

• 279s are the most relational of the SEVEN+NINE combinations. They love to entertain and be connected to people and may be too permissive (doormat syndrome);

• 379s are more like spin-doctors and are the best to reframe and make it look like a situation or a project is better than it is actually;

• 479s are more introspective and are sensitive to painful experiences. Consequently, they are able to add a dash of healing presence to their words;

Dealing with Own Emotions

• 279s suppress their own needs and feelings in order to better accommodate for other's. They also prefer to keep things light and joyful to keep others from experiencing negative feelings;

• 379s, like all THREES, ignore their core emotions to better meet the current situation at hand. They do this by keeping a image of upmost positivity and charm;

• 479s are more inclined to look into their emotional self but may glance over too painful emotions if they take too long to analyze or contemplate.

Potential Problems

• 279s, in order to keep them from being separate from others, often accept too much from people's behaviors and may be walked all over because of this. Also, because they are so positive, they cannot accept painful situations readily and can try anything to postpone negative outcomes. If they know how to view the actual usefulness of taking the time to look a problems and the impact they have on their long-term relationships, they usually stop being avoidant about them;

• 379s often gloss over important details that might undermine the super upbeat and neat image that they've created. This behavior might lead them in hot water as people might realize the scheme behind all that positive front and start to view 379s as frauds and liers. It is only eased out when this tritype starts connect with his or her identity that they learn to understand that honesty is a vital piece to any communication;

• 479s' problem is about getting motivated to act upon their dream and fantasy instead of being constantly idle. They also have a hard time harsh truths of reality and can retreat into more pleasant toughts despite being able to work with them. This tritype needs to adapt its needs and idealism in order to better match the outside world in order to by in harmony with its surroundings.

Structure & Patterns

• 279s are triple Positive Outlook and upbeat. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that try to look at a situation or a problem by reframing and shifting the frame of reference into a more positive light, often by minimizing its impact or dangerosity. Self-preservation subtype with this tritype is less airy and a bit more pragmatic in the outlook department, while still being very mellow and optimistic. They prefer not to bother with complicated issues and look forward from having enjoyable physical experiences. Sexual variants are more idealistic and may wish to partake in a magical or emotional fusion with their partners. They are the ones who suffer the most from being separate from intimates. Finally, social subtypes of this archetype are a bit more responsible and want to participate to the greater good of society (especially with a ONE wing).

• 379s are triple Optimistic and politically-savvy. This means that this archetype has all the three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that pushes for a nice and enthousiastic outlook no matter the situation and adapt accordingly. They want to project a very attractive image in order to be liked and appreciated for its ideas even though they have to bend the reality of the situation to better match their goals. Self-preservation dominant with this archetype are very cunning at finding the best deal with the least amount of efforts and know how to put people at ease. They are also very modest and good at looking thrustworthy. Social subtypes are similar in behavior, but are much more about image and recognition than self-pres. They are very good at keeping a positive and unprovocative front in order to make people believe that they are doing their best. Sexual subtypes are more personable and use their tremendous charisma in order to entice people that they have worth. They can look like 279s in that regard.

• 479s are triple Magical or Imaginative. This means that this archetype has all three enneatypes in each center of intelligence that need to create an internal framework of possibilities in order to sense a purpose in their lives. They like to see things in a new light and can idealize their views into thinking their way is more pleasant therefore it's better. This is the most positive FOUR, the most introverted SEVEN and the most unsual NINE. Sexual subtypes with this archetype are extremely imaginative and passionate about their work. They can even merge with their passion and shove aside more menial tasks or leave out boring details for the big picture. Self-Pres are more grounded and practical and can be more focused on simple pleasures of life than grand gestures like the Sexual one. The Social subtype is more ambiguous and can sacrifice a lot of its internal desires in order to fit the group's agenda.

Possible Mistypes

• Sexual THREES with 379 tritype may identify more as a 279 because of the need to mirror the emotions of others and need for closeness.

• Self-Preservation or sexual SEVENS with an EIGHT wing with one of these three tritypes are less likely to identify with this light and positive energy and may like to get in the heart of action better like tritypes with an EIGHT;

• Sexual FOURS with a THREE wing with a 479 tritype aren't very keen on the more magical and airy side of this tritype and may look more like a 478;

• Social SEVENS with a 279 or 379 tritype may look like more like a 137 or 127 because of the militant and anti-gluttony aspect of this combination;


• 279s' most common MBTI types are : ESFP (729), ENFP (729), ESFJ (279), ENFJ (279) and possibly ISFP (927). Thinkers with this tritype aren't very common, unless it's ENTP, neither are introverted types. Most of the MBTI types with this archetypes are extroverted feelers (ExFx).

• 379s' most common MBTI types are : ESFP (739), ENFJ (379), ENTP (739) and maybe ENFP (739). It's quite rare to have introverted types with this archetype and only when 9 is leading if applicable. Beside that, the thinking and feeling ratio are about equal, so does the judging and perceiving axis (slightly tipping for perceivers).

• 479s most common MBTI types are : ENFP (749), INFP (497), ENFJ (794) and sometimes ENTP (794). It is uncommon to have Judging types with this tritype, especially TJs.

Miscellaneous Differences

• 279s are usually more sensitive to rejection and negativity than 379s who will try to keep things upbeat for a longer time;

• 379s are more shapeshifting and cunning in their social interaction. 279S come second as they can adapt their behavior to create and maintain bonds, but 479s have a harder time doing the same;

• 379s hide their ego and superiority complex in a cool, collected best friend persona while 479s hide their contempt and distaste for the ordinary under a soothing, soft positivism;

• 379s can have a robotic smile; 279s may have an insistant, seductive smile and 479s a forced, unconfortable smile.

• 379s aren't as accepting and tolerant as 279s. They can be secretly in competition with others;

• 479s secretly want to express their pain and suffering while 279s and 379s deny it to some extent;

• 279s and 479s are a little bit more feminine and soft in appearance than 379s, who are more neutral or masculine;

• 279s don't like to be alone while 479s can tolerate it better;

• 379s are more action-oriented than 279s and 479s who are more passive;

• 479s are more magical and fantastical in their thinking than 379s who are more opportunistic, while 279s are somewhere in between.

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I don’t suppose you could do 5 + 8 archetypes next? Would be very helpful
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