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If anyone wants to take way too many personality tests and send me their results (You'll have to type out or copy paste the information on the page- don't send me the link) I'd very grateful for it. I'd be happy to talk with you about the results as well. The tests are as follows (all free versions): > Personality Tests

Take one from the "Big 5 / Global 5 / SLOAN Tests", one from the "Enneagram Personality Tests" and one from the "Jung Tests I-E S-N F-T J-P" section.

Part I: Phrases Directions

Take this exam.

DISC personality test - take this free DISC types test online at

And this one.

Just send me your 5 sets of results and I'd be happy to talk with you about them, or just read them for my personal interest. I am looking at correlations between them and whatnot. Thanks!
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