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I wake up and peel the cobwebs from my eyes
Reach in the night drawer to find my disguise
Go down to the same old carnival
Try to win the same old prize
In stupor I suddenly realize
They put way too much salt upon these fries
Can't remember the day, don't know why
I think it ends with 'Y'
As in 'why' am I here?
Floating into the black hole
With no one else's gravity
To pull me back out
The forecast is nothing but fog, mist, and rain
Dull, blunt pain
Lather, rinse, repeat the same
No umbrella to shield
The wounds which have not healed
Every rain is acid rain
Pouring down, searing pain
They've clothed me in the garments
Of some grown-up payer of bills
Fumble through the rubble of my apartment
Where did I put that new bottle of pills?
Walk what seems a mile or more to school
Uphill several times
In February sidewalks ceast to exist
I'd have enough for coffee if I had three more dimes
Cars zoom past, unrelenting
Safe in their ovens, they'll be done soon
Wish it were June, heavily panting
Not quite noon, my mind furiously ranting
Middle finger raised in my pocket
At every engine that passes
Firing past me like a rocket
Gloating jackasses
All this energy spent, only one class today
A class I'm going to fail anyway
Fifty minutes, then walk back home the opposite way
No one acknowledged my presence today
Now I drift off to another black Saturday
Try to charge my long dead, corroding battery
Oh great, the dishes are moldy
Stupid ravioli, stale macaroni
A thousand things in need of cleaning
Do it tomorrow, pretend my life has meaning
Accidentally sat on my glasses' frames
Guess I'll try to sleep
I'm tired of these games
Fading off to sleep, starting to get dark
Then the dog begins to bark

Shoot me.
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