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So, I wonder if this is something other Sixes have trouble with too. Perhaps this is because I'm phobic more than anything, but here goes.

Confidence is generally something I have a hard time with. My sister (two years younger than me) has always been the person who jumps into things first before me. So I can watch and learn and then test the waters before attempting. I absolutely hate jumping into things.

There's a lack of confidence and fear that I'm going to make a mistake. I do this especially in piano... if I have to learn how to do something new having to do with technique, my teacher has to seriously rope me into to just "go for it and try and do it". She also says that whenever I am playing a piece and I make a mistake, suddenly I get a lot quieter and it's as though I've lost all my confidence and play everything else timidly. She calls this "the mouse".

I suppose I just want to get it right the first time for the other people around me - especially if they are people I respect. I also don't want to act like I'm fully confident, because I there's something I fear about being all confident and then making a very apparent mistake. It's almost like somehow I think, "If I'm quieter or more timid about it, the mistake will be smaller." x_X

I think it's a confidence thing more than anything else. Maybe if I were more confident, I wouldn't fear mistakes as much - I'd just go for it. XD I'm working on that particular skill, now. Whenever I'm with my friends, it's nice because I have to force myself to "go for it", and I can actually have fun doing so. Because with them, I can freely look like an idiot and they won't laugh.

Anyone relate to this at all?
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